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I am Ritam Chandra, the face behind Blushing Shimmers which is a creative expression of my personal style. Blushes are my favorite part of makeup and as blushing generally brings a slight sparkle on face hence the name Blushing Shimmers

Since my teenage I gravitated towards skin care and self pampering and this is how the roots of this blog started.You can find my skin care recipes which are all tested and honest opinions about the products I have used.As the consumerism is increasing the market is flooded with so many beauty products which leads us in a dilemma.This blog is just a meager endeavor to help you choose the right products.

Beauty is being the best version of oneself so it is important to be well groomed.As a girl I have always loved to doll up myself.All cute, girlish and feminine..

Makeup is amazing.A girl who never wore makeup in her entire college life is now having a beauty blog comes as a shock to me but the amazing transformation it brings and the world of colors is just so exciting.When our daily life becomes too mundane makeup breaks the monotony.

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Disclaimer: To use any image or content seek my permission,  as all the photos are clicked by me unless mentioned.

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