Thursday, October 29, 2015

Coloressence Eyeliner Pencil 'Peacock Blue' : My Best Pick this Festive Season

Hieee gorgeous ladies....

The festive season is on and so the preparations that accompany it...One of them which is most tiresome and boring is the intensive cleaning of houses...I hope so your preparations are in full swing right now.Today when I was cleaning my almirah I found this eyeliner which is one of my favorite's so I thought why not share my love for this eyeliner with you gals..Read further to know why it is perfect for this festive season.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Original Rangoli Design's which you may try this Diwali....

Hieee everyone....

With the festive season coming we all Indians decorate our house in some most creative ways we can.Though I have not a lot to share because my exams are just on head but I thought that I should share some of my personal creative Rangoli designs which I have like made over the past three years.Each year I tried a different version of Rangoli so I hope so enjoy this post and yes do not forget to share your views in the section below.

Sephora Retractable Eyeliner-01 Matte Black Review,Swatch,EOTD

Hiee everyone...,

These days I am quite busy with my life...but as you know a bit of boredom and monotony always pave a path for my blog posts.So today I will be reviewing a Matte Black Eyeliner from Sephora. If you read my haul posts then I have already mentioned about this liner in my birthday cosmetic haul.
Check my Birthday Haul here.

Sephora Retractable Eyeliner-
Sephora Retractable Eyeliner-01 Matte Black

Monday, October 19, 2015

First Giveaway !! Facebook 100+ followers..... 2 Winners (Closed)

Hieeee beauties.....,

I am so excited to announce my first Giveaway as I recently crossed 100+ followers...I am not a full time blogger and this is just a hobby but still this little world means a lot to me as I have invested so much of time and hard work in it.I have been blogging since 6 months and I seriously never thought of organizing a giveaway as I am not earning and I am just a student but still I have saved some pocket money just to bring all my lovely readers some gifts..!!
Personally I have never won any giveaway-never and never and many of you must have same story to share.Lets be friends for this thing.I know it is very lame to think matter how much I purchase for myself but gifts always have a special space..agree ???
So what if I haven't won.. Atleast I can make someone else happy...One should always find a reason to stay happy...!!

Blushing shimmers giveaway

Festive Season Cosmetic Haul....!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiee Girlies.....,

Now matter how hard I try the mega sale season impels me to buy things as they are on great discounts....Who would resist buying things from a sale..Tell Me???? Atleast I won't if I am offered Hugeeee! Discounts...So lets start with what all I shopped this festive season...

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Essence Heat Wave Blush Up! Is Something To Fall In Love With.

Hieee everyone..,

I am here with a review on a blush which all the makeup bloggers must be familiar with due to it's unremitting praise.Due to the popularity of the product it disappeared from all the online shopping sites hence I had to hunt for it in the local stores and luckily I got my hands on it.Now lets start with the review.

Essence Heat Wave Blush Up
Essence Heat Wave Blush Up

Monday, October 12, 2015

Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist : Plunge into the Freshness of Flowers....

Hieee beauties....

Recently I went to the Westside  store and Chambor had some good offers so I decided to try few products from this brand.This brand was untouched by me till now and I have an upcoming haul post from this brand in a few days.I always wanted to try this brand because of the exotic packaging they offer.Yes I crave for luxury packaging's ! In search for some products so I could cross that limit to avail the offer the SA asked me to try the body mists and since I have already so many mists from Bath & Body Works in my collection I was a bit reluctant but you know how adamant these sales people are!! But there sales strategy did work and now this is one of the finest mists I have ever tried on earth.Trust me I just went bonkers as I sniffed the heavenly delicate floral notes which I absolutely love..I think this is 'My Kind of Smell' <LOL>

Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist
Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist

Sunday, October 11, 2015

10 Affordable Purple Kajals/Liners Available In India

Hieee everyone...

If you read my posts regularly then you can understand how much I love Purple/Lilac Kajals and Liners and I believe that there are many other purple lovers like me so I wanted to do this short compilation of all the affordable Purple liners/Kajals available in India..I hope so you enjoy this post so lets get started.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Essence Get BIG! LASHES 3 triple BLACK mascara Review

Hieee everyone...,

Today I am reviewing a washable mascara from Essence.I fall for cute packaging's and was again ensnared by the outer packaging.I adore purple's so I had to pick this.This is my second mascara and the previous mascara 'Maybelline Falsies' I bought was a waterproof version so this time I wanted to try some other but a 'washable' one.Now lets start with the review.

Essence Get BIG! LASHES 3 triple BLACK mascara
Essence Get BIG! LASHES 3 triple BLACK mascara

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review

Hieee Lovely Readers....

I never felt the need of using any intimate wash but 2-3 months back I developed an irritation and itching due to humid season so I thought of purchasing a hygiene wash because preparing a Neem paste for regular use sometimes become quite hectic and I am damn lazy.
I have been using this wash since 2 months and this duration is good enough to test any product and do it's review.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blue Heaven Artisto Kajal Review , EOTD

Hiee everyone,

Today I will be reviewing this little kajal which I bought desperately as it was so super affordable and cute looking at the same time.To me it resembles like a vintage pot so that fanned my excitement even more.Now lets start the review.

Blue Heaven Artisto Kajal 

When this Simple NEEM DIY can treat my fat ugly horrible Acne's so why can't Yours ?

Hieee everyone...

I believe in God and its beautiful nature which is packed with some great miraculous products.Anything has the ability to treat itself naturally with time and yes that's the beauty of how things work.It is only we humans who make the process complex by sophisticating our lifestyle.When we can get free treatment then what's the need to splurge our hard earned money in expensive products to make us look better.I simply believe in my natural DIY's for skin care.So today I will be sharing with you as to how treat you Acne's and Pimple at home itself.This remedy works the best for me rather than those likes,cinnamon,cloves etc etc.In other words this DIY is my 'Holy Grail' to treat my pimples.So keep reading to know how to prepare it.


Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener and Shower Gel

Hieee everyone....

I was in a desperate search for a good hand cream online and since there were so many options available online so I was a bit confused.I really did not wanted to shed a lot from my pocket and this made me even more restrained.My hand's dry skin attracts a lot of attention specially from cosmetic stores sales girls so this was a high time to take care of my hands now.And since winters are also about to start so dry season is on its way hence 'moisturization' is what you need the most.As I spotted this Avon Skin Softner I ordered it because I love to keep myself smelling good all the time and this is a perfumed based product.Now here's a story as to how this Avon Shower gel was added to my collection.The seller sent me a wrong product i.e. they sent me Shower Gel instead of a Skin Softener and since exchanging would have cost a lost to them so I got this Gel for free along with my Softener. Isn't that nice..:) I <3 freebies.... :p
Anyways lets start with the review.

Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener and Shower Gel

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lakme 9 to 5 Frosties - Peach Frost Nail Paint

Hieee beauties....,

It has been so many days that I haven't reviewed a nail paint so today is the turn for this lovely shade to come in limelight.This nail paint is a part of Lakme 9 to 5 Frosties collection.I wasn't aware of this collection till I purchased it and the frosty part came to my notice only after I applied it.Now read further to know how this shade fared for me.

Lakme 9 to 5 Frosties - Peach Frost
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