Monday, December 7, 2015

Hairstyles to Inspire from Barbie Doll

Hiee everyone..,

Pinks,Purples,Dolls and Barbies...!! Yes I am extremely girlish and I just love everything Cute and Pink.Since my childhood days Dolls and Barbies have always fantasized me and I always dreamed of looking like them.I desired my world to be coloured all Pink and Lilac.You can understand my love as my blog is also Pink-Pink.Growing mature gradually changes your taste and preferences but childhood nostalgic memories can be hard to avoid sometimes hence I decided to this fun post where I will be featuring some of my favorite barbie hairstyles.Continue reading to have a glance of them.

I was never a big fan of straight hair but this picture makes me rethink my opinion.This is a psychology problem that we girls never like the kind of hair we are blessed with.Girls with straight hair are more into curling and vice versa.Also I wish I could fit myself in this dress but no problems I'll get an xl size of this dress if available..LOL

A simple yet pretty hairstyle which is most of the time my quick hairstyle and I have some natural soft waves so no more additional efforts at least for me.This look has the power to turn you pretty without any hard work.

Pink Streak..!! Yes..!! I would love to have my hair streak to be pink and I really don't know if they will suit me or not but this picture is a total love. Do let me know which colour hair streak would you love to have.

This is a retro classic look.Personally I am not into such looks but this looked quite stunning and for a change I would love to try everything new and classy.Hair Style and look are completely complementing each other.What do you say?

No girl would ever say that she doesn't love long locks...I have a craze for long hair and this hair style is a dream come true only for a handful of girls.For normal length hair also this hairstyle is a total thumbs-up.

This look is quite different from all the other looks posted here but is a total head turning hair style.I love such soft waves and are easiest to create.No doubt black is sexy!

Soft waves and purple streak is a total stunner.Though not very common I might sport this hairstyle someday.Let my exams finish. :(

A basic voluminous soft hair waves which would suit any dress & any occasion.I have realized that I have covered soft waves so many times because it is easy to create and looks absolutely glamorous and cute at the same time.

I like this glamorous makeover more than the hairstyle.Now who says pink can't look glamorous after seeing this picture..

I sported bangs in my college days and got the most compliments for that hair style.This hairstyle will make you look younger by 2-3 years and will give you a doll type makeover..I am planning to keep this hairstyle again.

This is a nice hairstyle but will not suit every face shape.Haven't tried on myself yet. Simple yet sophisticated look.

I hope so you enjoyed this fun-post.Do let me know your favorite hairstyle amongst all in the comments section below.
Thanks for reading and Take Care...

*disclaimer-All the photos have been taken from google images except the collages.
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