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Think Frill Queen Coffer Box August Review : Monthly Period Box

Think Frill Queen Coffer Box
Think Frill Queen Coffer Box August Review 

I recently ordered Think Frill Queen Coffer Box as I never tried a period subscription box before.Period boxes are basically meant to pamper ourselves in those hard days when we suffer mood swings and cramps.Apart from regular sanitary supplies we get some hand assorted goodies to elevate our mood.

To see the detailed subscription plans and pricing check the website here.This subscription is also available in two other versions namely Princess Coffer and Duchess Coffer.Queen Coffer comes in a blue box with small white polka print.It looks quite cute but the box is not very usable. At this price I expected a nice sturdy box which can be used for storing stuff.I got few pamphlets which are basically introduction to the Period box and Think Frill store.

Price:Queen Coffer - Rs 600 + Rs 99 (sanitary supplies)

Think Frill Queen Coffer Box August Review
Think Frill Queen Coffer Box August Review 

1.NYX Loose Pearl Eyeshadow  - This was the product I was most excited about and I liked the quality of it but seriously it justs costs 2$ . After tax and all the price certainly hikes a lot but I liked the eyeshadow so I am keeping my mouth shut :p

2.Tea Bags: We get 3 tea bags from 2 brands.Two from Twinnings and other from Clipper.I consume a lot of green tea but I wish they were some more tea bags.

1 clipper tea bag - Rs 10 (Pack of 25 costs Rs 250 and we get only one tea bag)
2 Twinnigs Tea Bag - Rs 20 ( Pack of 25 costs Rs 250 and we get only 2 tea bags)

3.Kellogg's pop tarts (Rs 249): I personally did not liked the taste of this pastry but was tolerable.In India we do not see trend of such packed pastries much though gradually they are becoming a part of market.I am not much fond of this but I liked the inclusion of it as it was something different and new to me.Liking was my personal choice but you might like it.Also I don't think this product deserves this pricing as I checked in online stores the entire pack costs around 2-3 $ only

4.Pee Safe Wet Wipes ( Rs 60 ): It has around 10 wipes which is a nice thing and I really find wet wipes very useful.This product is a thumbs up.

5.Tic Tac (Rs 15 ): I like Tic Tac and it is fun chewing them.I  got it in the flavour strawberry fields.

6.Sanitary Supplies : We have an option to choose the brand of the pads,tampons and panty liners and the number of supplies.They have three groups to choose from light,medium and heavy according to our requirements.

Gift Vouchers -

1.Bath & Body works voucher worth Rs 300-This is valid on orders above Rs 999 when you purchase them from thinkfrill.

2. Faasos Rs 100 Cashback voucher which is not valid for my city !

3. PVR Rs 100 Cashback voucher

My Ratings:3.2/5

Overall I believe Think Frill Queen Coffer Box could have been made more interesting by adding some more assortments.The vouchers this time are of not much importance to me because I won't redeem them. Nyx eyeshadow is the star product for me in this box. If you like this edition go ahead and try it.

I would wait for some other editions of thinkfrill to try and would also try some other interesting period boxes in market.What do you think of period subscription box?Have you tried it or will you tried it.Do share your valuable comments below and I would love to read them.Thanks for reading and do follow me on all my social media's to stay updated.Take Care..!
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