Monday, October 16, 2017

Blend It Raw DIY Beauty Box Review

Blend It Raw DIY Beauty Box

Blend It Raw is a new brand which offers various organic stuff which can be used directly or can be used to prepare a DIY recipe using them.I personally love trying homemade recipes so decided to give it a shot.I ordered the March box which has flower theme and it retails for Rs 1199.The boxes are named month wise but one can order any month box.
Check the Instagram page of BlendRawBeauty for more details.

Products I received are-

1)Rose Petal Powder
2)Jasmine Water
3)Evening Primrose Oil
4)Chamomile dried flowers
5)Rosemary Dried flowers
6)Wooden Spoon
7)DIY Booklet

Blend It Raw Rose Petals Powder
Blend It Raw Beauty Rose Petals Powder

Rose Petals Powder is one of my favorite ingredient for skin care.Whenever I feel my skin is dull I generally prepare a mask using rose petal powder and some mud and it helps refreshen, brighten skin and also adds a glow to my skin.The rose petals smell just like desi gulaab and are finely milled.It can also be used a face cleanser or a scrub.

Recently I prepared rose petal powder at home and it was equally effective and good.I will share my recipe soon.

Blend it raw beauty Chamomile Dried Flowers
Chamomile Dried Flowers
Chamomile is known for its healing power.Chamomile tea helps in intestinal and stomach disorders, anxiety, insomnia, etc.Apart from that it soothes and heals skin. I love having a cup of chamomile tea and use the dried flowers of chamomile in my face toner.

Blend it Raw Beauty Jasmine water
Blend it Raw Beauty Jasmine water

Jasmine water can be used directly on face as a facial toner or as a room freshener or body mist.Jasmine water would be more suitable for dry to combination skin people and oily skin people should avoid it.The product smells so pure, fresh and beautiful.I love spritzing it all over my body and dress.

Blend It Raw Evening Primrose Oil
Blend It Raw Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil is very healthy for skin and helps maintain the health of nails, hair, and skin.It nourishes the scalp and various other hair problems.I have added this oil to my DIY hair oil and use it to condition my scalp.Apart from that, I use it to nourish my nails and cuticles.

Blend It Raw Dried Rosemary
Rosemary has various benefits and can be incorporated into the daily lifestyle very easily.It helps soothe the stomach and therefore I love having a tea of rosemary and chamomile.Rosemary infused oil can be used to treat dandruff and hair loss. Massage and leave for an hour before washing it.

Blend It Raw DIY Beauty flower edition Box

Overall I quite impressed with the contents of the box and the range of products Blend It Raw Beauty has.I wish they had a website where products could be ordered easily but nevertheless one can place the order on their Instagram page easily and the admins are responsive.

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