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Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner - Blue,Green Review,Swatches,FOTD

Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner - Blue,Green Review

Stay Quirky has launched their makeup line apart from nail paints which includes lipsticks, matte liquid lipsticks, base makeup and eyeliners etc.I have used the nail paints from the brand and quite liked them.After receiving the eyeliners from Stay Quirky my excitement escalated to a new level as I knew something great is in store.The best part is that everything is so affordable and it won't burn hole in pocket.

Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner - Blue,Green Review

The products are available online here at great discounts. Also you can buy liquid liners at amazing offers here.
Price- Rs 175 for 5 ml ,Shelf Life-2 years

Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner - Blue,Green

Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner - Blue,Green

Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner - Blue,Green

Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner
The eyeliners have a fine tip

Price of Stay Quirky Eyeliners

The liners come in cute little plastic bottles which are color coded according to the shade.The packaging has a matte finish just like the texture of liner.The tip of bristles is fine and helps create thin lines precisely.The liners are housed in black cardboard packaging which is quite sturdy, but something I discard.Overall, the bottles are leak proof, sturdy and apt for travelling.

Badass Blue is a beautiful-beautiful dark blue shade, something I have lost my heart to.It looks stunning on my eyes and I can see myself wearing it a lot these days.When it comes to coloured liners blue is my personal favorite. Badass Green is a light olive green kind-off shade.It is a pretty green shade but I personally prefer darker greens as they suit my complexion better.

Both the liners set quickly to a matte finish.The blue one is more opaque as compared to the green one and the formula is also more build-able for the blue one.The formula is definitely long lasting as it doesn't budges for the entire day.It does sightly flakes from the wings towards the end of the day after rubbing.Stay Quirky eyeliners do not fade,flake,smudge and are also water proof.After rubbing vigorously under water it comes off slightly therefore, I can say that the removal is not easy and you need oil based remover to remove it.I liked this aspect since it makes it long lasting.

These liners do not sting and irritate my eyes nor make them watery hence it is safe to use on eyes.The only downside I notice with them is that on initial application it weighs down lids slightly but after sometime it kind off adjusts and becomes normal.

Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner - Blue,Green swatches
Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner - Blue,Green Swatches

Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner - Blue review

Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner - Blue on eyes
Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner - Blue on eyes

Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliner  review

My Ratings: 
Blue Badass : 4.9/5
Green Badass: 4.3/5

Overall I would say that Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliners have an amazing formula and beautiful shades to choose from.Blue is one of my personal favorite out off all the liners I own.The best part is that they are long lasting and waterproof and still so affordable.I highly recommend you all to try them especially the blue one.

Would you like to try the Stay Quirky Eyeliners? Share your views in the comments section below.Which is your favorite coloured liner? Thanks for reading and do not forget to follow me on all my social media's to stay updated.

*Product has been sent by Brand for consideration but my review is honest and based on experience.
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