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*New* Plum Hair Care- Shampoo,Conditioner,Hair Mask Review

                                     Plum Hair Care Range Review
Good hair care is important and choosing the right products for our hair is a difficult task due to cluttering of so many options available in the market.I keep trying different shampoo's and very few of them actually caters to my requirements.Recently, when Plum launched their Hair Care range, I was quite intrigued to try it as I am impressed by their Plum Studio Kajal.

Plum Hair Care doesn't contains these harmful chemicals-

  1. Sulphates - for gentle cleansing
  2. Silicones - for natural shine
  3. Alcohol - no dryness
  4. Parabens - no carcinogens!
  5. Phthalates - potential reproductive toxins
  6. Zinc - prolonged use may irritate the scalp
  7. Propylene Glycol - can be harsh to skin over the long term
Check the website of Plum Goodness here or you can buy the products from Nykaa or Purplle.

I picked up a bundle 'Dandruff and Damage Repair Trio' which comes at a discount and it includes -

1. Plum Hibiscus & Rosemary Gentle Defence Shampoo( 300ml for Rs 675 )

This is a dandruff-fighting shampoo, enriched with hibiscus and rosemary. I have been using this shampoo for more than a month and is on the verge of finishing.I have an oily scalp and dry, colored hair and finding the best shampoo formula for my hair type has always been a challenge.

The packaging of the product is good and comes in a white sturdy bottle but I am not really liking the closing mechanism of cap.The dispenser is quite useful but to entirely lock it, one needs to press it down completely and it spills some extra product in the process.Not a big issue really, if you are planning not to travel with it.

Coming to the product it is a cream-ish colored shampoo with a mild fragrance which is very enticing.I have got many compliments for the same.Well, the product lathers nicely but not heavily like sulphate shampoo's.It is gentle and cleanses nicely without drying my hair or scalp.After oiling my hair one has to use it 2-3 times to remove the oil completely.

As per the claim of dandruff fighting shampoo, I wouldn't say that it has eliminated my dandruff thoroughly but helps in controlling it.I find it working perfectly for my hair and doesn't makes them dull even without a conditioner.

I find the product to be pricey which makes it a drawback for me but the results are something which makes me want to buy it again.

Blushing Shimmers Ratings- ★★⭑

2.Plum Olive & Macadamia Rich Nourish Conditioner ( 300 ml for Rs  675 )

It is enriched with shea butter, olive fractions rich in squalene, plus macadamia oil and vege-keratin, & is 100% silicone-free conditioner.

The conditioner is not from the Hibiscus & Rosemary range but Olive & Macadamia range is equally promising.The conditioner has a buttery texture but is not slippery.I prefer to take a generous amount and rub it into my hair and then wash it away after 2-3 minutes.It makes my hair more manageable, soft and adds slight shine.Conditioner combined with shampoo always gives better results and the best thing about this conditioner that it is not laden with harmful chemicals.

Blushing Shimmers Ratings- ★★

3.Plum Olive & Macadamia Mega Moisturizing Hair Mask (250g for Rs 875)

This is a silicone free hair mask which moisturizes, softens and deep-nourishes chemically-treated, damaged hair. The key ingredients are olive oil, macadamia oil, & shea butter. It also has pro-vitamin B5 and film-forming hair protectants which shield hair from pollution and UV.

I take generous amount and spread it across my scalp and hair and I make sure that hair is clean so that the pack is more effective.I leave it for around 20-30 minutes and rinse it thoroughly.Once my hair dries I notice them more softer, shinier and nourished.I feel like touching my tresses over and over again.I really like the effect of this mask and something I would recommend everyone since it is free from harsh chemicals and is gentle to use.

Blushing Shimmers Ratings- ★★⭑

Plum Shampoo Conditioner Review

Plum Olive & Macadamia Mega Moisturizing Hair Mask

After testing and thoroughly using the products I find the new Plum hair care range to be very effective, gentle and nourishing.I generally do not repurchase my hair care products as I keep switching my products but this one is something I would love to repurchase.I would prefer if they extend their product line like leave-in-conditioners, serums, hair sprays, hair colour or hair oil.

Share your views about Plum Hair Care range in the comments section below.Share your recommendations if any.Also, Please follow me on all my social medias listed on the right hand side of the blog to support my blog and to keep updated of all the new posts.
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