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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

♥ ♥ ♥ Beauty Quotes That Inspire Me To Feel More BEAUTIFUL ... ♥ ♥ ♥

Hiya beautiful ladies......

I am sharing my favourite beauty quotes with all the pretty girls reading this post.So is beauty only about the flawless skin,broad eyes,rosy cheeks,sexy figure and plump lips..?
Yes , certainly it is but beauty is even more deep rooted.Outward beauty fades with time but our inner beauty always stay and shines with time.

I know this is not a spiritual blog but real beauty is not materialistic but is transcendental in nature.I won't deny the fact that a beautiful face is the first thing we notice in a person but the personality and character are major and of real importance which are a lifetime asset of a person.Will you even care to talk to a person who might be attractive but is arrogant,selfish and has other negative traits like these.

Now you must be wondering that why I have a beauty blog when I do not believe in outward beauty.I am not against makeup or outward beauty and I just mean to say that beauty is not only about appearance but is also about a beautiful heart.And who says that a person with  beautiful heart cannot look pretty outside. :p

The purpose of this post is to make girls realize that no matter how low you feel about your appearance you should treat yourself like the most beautiful princess you have ever seen.Trust me if you treat yourself as the most beautiful girl than you won't even bother what people say about you.When I was a kid I always had a inferior complex that I am so ugly and nobody will ever love me and I will never find a dream prince and stuff like that.But now as a matured girl I believe that I am the most charming person for ME , My Parents and for My Prince Charming if I ever meet him...<giggling>

Yes! I am Beautiful and so ARE you !
Now enjoy these quotations!!!

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