Friday, July 31, 2015

An irresistibly adorable & affordable purple eye pencil not to be missed by 'Purple Lovers'

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Today I will be writing my opinions on an eye pencil in purple which is certainly my favourite colours of all time.I always wanted to own a lilac eye pencil because it suits my face commendably.After searching a few brands I found that many brands have come up with their own version of purple pencils and liners but did not have very impressive purple colours.I like light & bright purples with blue undertones and not muddish purples.Few of the pencils did cater my needs but were to expensive to try them.After discovering Essence Cosmetics I finally ordered this pencil which is super affordable and has a beautiful purple colour. Seriously speaking no purple lover can resist this shade .

Essence Long Lasting Pencil in Coolest Chic
Essence Long Lasting Pencil in Coolest Chic

Review of Essence Long Lasting Pencil in Coolest Chic

Price-Rs 225
Product Description-Supersoft eye pencil for precise application.Long Lasting.Contains carmine.

Availability-Essence outlets in India but I ordered it online
Packaging-A travel friendly, colour coded , plastic , twist up mechanism pencil.

Essence Long Lasting Pencil in Coolest Chic
Length of pencil

Essence Long Lasting Pencil in Coolest Chic
Pretty Lavendar shade with shimmers 

Shade(Coolest Chic)Pretty Lavender colour with minute shimmers not noticeable on lids.
Texture-Extremely buttery that it breaks easily but glides perfectly and delivers nice pigmentation.On over layering it,it does rub of a little as seen in swtaches due to creaminess so let it set then apply another layer.The pencil doesn't smudges,sets quickly and is waterproof.If you rub it rigorously then it is likely to flake away from some parts.
Staying Power-It stays for a good period of 5-6 hours but if you rub your eyes a lot then remove 2 hours from this.Can be removed easily using a makeup remover or oil.


Overall I would say that Essence Long Lasting Pencils are one of the most affordable options for coloured and good quality eye pencils but it contains caramine to which many of you may be allergic.You may even try Lotus Herbals Purestay Eye Contour Definer in Royal Orchid which is more expensive than Essence pencil but is marketed as the herbal one.I totally suggest this Essence coolest chic eye pencil.

Have you tried the Essence Long Lasting Pencil in Coolest Chic?Do share your views about this pencil by commenting below.Also share other purple pencils you are aware of.I would love to grab them.

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