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Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 3

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Finally after a long time I am back with a review on one of the very popular palette's from Makeup Revolution London Iconic 3.This is my first product from this brand which I ordered online from Jabong which was available at a steal deal so I couldn't stop my hands..My itchy hands...Huuhhhh!!!
It was 4-5 months back I purchased it and since I rarely use eye shadows I was waiting for some occasion where I can use it and then write a review.Lets check the details of the product.

Makeup revolution london iconic 3 palette

Price - INR 1200 (I got it for 55% discount)

Shelf Life - 3 years

Makeup revolution london iconic 3 palette

Packaging-It has a transparent plastic case which shuts tightly and looks very classy with its logo written in Golden.It comes with a dual sided sponge applicator.I have washed it 2-3 times and is intact nicely.

Makeup revolution london iconic 3 palette shades

Makeup revolution london iconic 3 palette swatches

Shades - The palette has 12 shades ranging from mattes to shimmery.The shades include mostly nudes and browns.The pigmentation is average and varies with colour.Shade numbering starts from the extreme left towards the right.

  • Shade 1- A matte cream-shaded off white colour which can used for highlighting or as a eye shadow base.
  • Shade 2- It is shimmery shade with metallic pink undertones and is not nicely pigmented but can be enhanced on multiple swipes.After applying only shimmers can be noticed.I prefer using it on some base.
  • Shade 3- A metallic nude shade with subtle shimmer which only adds glow and is quite wearable looks natural.
  • Shade 4- A matte nude skin shade which looks very natural on eyes and adds a nice effect if used alone.The pigmentation is bad but is buildable.
  • Shade 5-A metallic pink shade( the only pink of this palette) which does't appears pink on lids and has more of brown undertones with subtle shimmers.
  • Shade 6-A metallic copper-ish Golden colour with average pigmentation and is one of the best shades from this palette.
  • Shade 7-A matte skin brown shade which I use the most since I wear it normally and it adds depth to my eyes without giving a makeup effect.
  • Shade 8-A shimmery metallic brown with white undertones and mild shimmers.
  • Shade 9-A mild shimmery dark brown with copper undertones and decent pigmentation.
  • Shade 10-A shiny metallic dark brown with decent pigmentation.
  • Shade 11-A shade 2-3 tones darker than shade 10 and appears more brown than shade 10.
  • Shade 12- The darkest shade from this palette which is darkest brown with black tones and pink shimmers.I use it to create a smokey eyes looks and is a beautiful shade.

Texture-All shades have a non chalky smooth texture with build-able pigmentation and I have worn them for like 4-5  hours and they stay even in hot humid climate nicely without a primer or anything.
Non of the shades crease.Few shades work better with the applicator but I have to use my separate eye shadow brushes for better application.The shades are amazing and will suit any outfit or occasion.

Makeup revolution london iconic 3 palette look

Ratings-4.5/5(I wish the pigmentation was better)

Overall I would say that it is a steal deal if you get it for a good discount otherwise you may have to think before purchasing it.It is a collection of beautiful shades and is definitely a worth try if you are an eye makeup junkie like me.Recommended!!

Did you liked the palette or you already have it.Please do your your personal views about this product by commenting on the the section below.And please donot forget to like my facebook page and follow me on Google+ .Thanks for reading the review. :) :*

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