Monday, February 1, 2016

The Beauty Resolutions January Fab Bag Review

Hieee everyone..,

Today I received my January Fab Bag in 'February' ! I think the team should work on delivering the bag on time by increasing their workforce or whatever but at least our bags should be delivered in the same month.Seriously this kills the curiosity no matter what you get in the bag.Lets see what all I received in this month's bag.But before that if you want to know what is it all about then check the website here.

The Beauty Resolutions January Fab Bag

The pouch looks super cute,girlish and adorable but this is smaller than bags we usually get.It also has a very minor defect in the front which can be avoided but this should'nt have happened.

The Beauty Resolutions January Fab Bag

1)Sea Soul Massage Candle: A new of its own kind..I am looking forward to try this massing wax soon.On warming up the wax melts into oil and thereby you can use it for massaging using a spatula.It has a beautiful aroma and will surely provide relaxing sensation.

Sea Soul massage candle

2)Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick Orange ( Rs 590 ) - This lipstick changes colour as it comes in contact with the skin basically reacting with the ph of skin. For me the colour changes to pink with peach undertones.I do not find anything very special in this firstly because as a kid I remember my mom having these kind of lipsticks in her vanity , secondly their packaging is not worthy of being such an expensive product and lastly it smells like cheap local lipsticks.However I chose this lipstick because I had very limited options.This time we had an option of choosing one product that's why.Overall the formula is quite creamy and moisturizing so let's be optimistic about it.

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick Orange

3)Votre Face Serum(Rs 1670 for 12 ml) - First time I would be trying a face serum so I am excited about it as I have heard loads of good things about facial serums.I don't know how will this work for me but all that I just wish is that it doesn't breaks me out..too conscious for my skin.

votre face serum

4)Natural Bath and Body French red clay mask and whipped cream-vitamin e samples

I am fine with clay masks beacuse they work well for my oily skin so this product is a yay for me but the whipped cream is something I won't be using because anything in cream form has disastrous effect on my skin no matter what it claims.I like this brand and have already been introduced to it in my MSM Box.

 That's it !I wish I received bblunt hair spray instead of that massage candle but then nothing can be done about it.That's what turned off my mood.Had others not received that hair spray I would have not fascinated using it.

Ratings: 4/5

Overall I would say that this month's bag is value for money but now I can't recommend you since the subscriptions have already closed.. Late issues.. :( :( :(
Do share your views about this bag and I would love to read your views.Take Care..!
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