Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oriflame Oxygen Boost Face Blotting Tissues Review

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Who prefers to look like a deep fried 'Parantha' ? All that we dream of is a pretty dewy skin but then that is not possible especially in the climatic region of India and that to if you are blessed with hyperactive oil glands.Oily skin is a major skin problem and only people with my skin type can understand that.No matter how mattifying foundation or compact you apply,your skin will turn oily in few hours.Retouching your makeup is not very feasible in public places and here is a solution to it.In such situations blotting tissues come very handy without sounding too conscious.

Oriflame Oxygen Boost Face Blotting Tissues

Price:Rs 199 for 50 sheets

Oriflame Oxygen Boost Face Blotting Tissues
Oriflame Oxygen Boost Face Blotting Tissues

Face oil Blotting tissue
See the sticker mechanism

All of us deserve to look fresh all the time therefore I always carry blotting tissues with me.They are very small in size and one tissue is enough to remove excess oil from cheeks and t-zone area.Very handy and can be easily slipped in your pocket or purses.It mattifies the skin instantly making it appear good like before.The sticker enables the tissue to pull out as soon as you open it in case you want to use it.You might get some discount on the MRP and you get 50 sheets in one pack.I will surely repurchase them until I find some other alternative.

My Ratings:4.2/5 (I find them a little expensive for 50 sheets)

Do share your views regarding these blotting tissues if you have used any.Also share any other brand tissue available in market.I would love to read your comments.Follow me on all my social media's to stay updated.Take Care..

Face Blotting tissue

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