Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fabindia Face Pack Charcoal Review

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No girl would deny that face packs are an essential part of their skin care regime , though not regularly but once in a while we girls pamper our skin to refresh ,cleanse and rejuvenate it.I personally love using face packs because of the good effects and since my skin is oily and sensitive it demands a lot of care.My eyes recently caught the glimpse of a charcoal pack in one of the fabindia stores and obviously I had to try it because of the uniqueness.To know how it worked for me please keep on reading.

Fabindia Face Pack Charcoal

Price:390 for 100ml
(Available Online and on Fabindia outlets)

Fabindia Face Pack Charcoal

Fabindia Face Pack Charcoal
Fabindia Face Pack Charcoal Texture

Activated Charcoal is a well known product for its ability to absorb other substances because of its large surface area due to large pores in it.It helps absorb toxins and impurities hence working wonders for your skin.Now are these reasons not sufficient enough to incite you to get one charcoal face pack for you immediately.

The packaging is quite sturdy and is good for travelling purpose.The base of the mask is multani mitti and hence the consistency is quite thick.This part is definitely the icing on the cake for people with super oily skin like me.The mask spreads well and also smells pleasant with lemongrass oil.It takes average time to dry up depending upon the conditions and can be removed using tap water.Something unusual I noticed with this pack is that it gets filled in the pores of your skin so you need a face wash or a scrub to remove all the particles for a fresh look.Skin appears more clean and healthy after using it.Quantity provided is also good enough to last long so overall the product is good on pocket as well.

My Ratings:4.5/5

In a nutshell I would say that enriched with the goodness of charcoal and multani mitti , this face pack is a good buy for anyone looking for a good affordable range.Makes skin soft supple and clean I recommend Fabindia Face Pack Charcoal.

Have you tried any of the charcoal face packs yet.Do share your views about them as I would love to read your beautiful thoughts.To stay updated follow me on all my social media's till then Take Care...!
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