Sunday, March 6, 2016

Product Empties !

Hiee everyone..

Product empties are like a burden removed from your life.As a beauty blogger I end up purchasing gazillion products and  scoldings from your mom is a normal thing.I think everyone of my fellow blogger must have been through this phase atleast once.Anyways coming back to the topic this time I finished only skin care products.I hardly use cosmetics but still I keep stocking them.Sick me !

Product Empties
Product Empties

  1. Tresseme Climate Protection Shampoo: I just found it to be an okay product for my hair type and nothing very astonishing about it.It took me ages to finish this and I would not be repurchasing this.Maybe I would try some other variant of it.
  2. Dove Intense Repair conditioner:I am a huge fan of dove conditioners and I always have a backup of them in any version.Somehow I find all of them similar but they make my hair smooth and soft.
  3. Divya Gulaab Jal:I use this for face packs and DIY face cleanser and toners.I find them very affordable and nice.I keep repurchasing them.
  4. Kama Ayurveda Pure RoseWater: I am yet to do a full post on this product and I personally find it better than Patanjali one.It acts as a very good toner for my skin and I already have a backup for this.
  5. Johnson's Baby oil:I use it for eye makeup remover but somehow I would not be using it again because I don't find it very oily and my hair oil works better in removing makeup.But this was not a bad option either.
  6. Avene Cleanance Gel:I am loving this product these days and I already have a backup of this.To read my full review on this click here.
  7. Lakme Nail Color Remover:I must have purchased this product 'n' number of times and I will surely again as it is the most affordable and good one available in market .
  8. Patanjali AloeVera Gel :It doesn't suits me on skin that well but I use it in my DIY's and Hair mask.Works amazing on hair and also I have a backup of this.
  9. Lakme Face Scrub with Green Tea extracts: I am a huge fan of Lakme cleanup range and this is one of the best scrubs I have used.I am bringing this back in my stock surely.
  10. Parachute Advansed Body Lotion Coconut Milk Deep Nourish : I love this range of body lotions and I have three more of it.Also I have done a detailed review of it here.
  11. Divya Badam Rogan:I use it in my DIY's and under eyes also and it works wonder.I again keep repurchasing this stuff again and again.I highly recommend this product.
  12. Nivea Fruity Shine Peach Lip Balm:I found it to and average lip balm and nothing very special about it.But it smells great but the fragrance dissapear when you reach half way of it.


  1. The Natures Co Bearberry Liquorice Whitening Cream:I got this sample in my subscription bag and since I do not use creams on my face I asked my father to use it and he quite liked it.
  2. Natural Bath and Body after bath milk ylang ylang: I loved this bath milk as it was super absorbed quickly and also hydrated my skin so well.I might purchase the full size once I finish up using all the other lotions.
  3. Natural Bath and Body wild orchid body butter:This body butter smells so fresh and different that I couldn't even guess the key notes but it worked quite well.
  4. Ayush therepay hai poshak oil:It smells good but to be frank 25 ml oil is too less to judge it and since I have long hair it doesn't last longs.

That's it folks..If we share same products then do let me know.I would love to read your precious comments.Also thanks for reading and do follow me on all my social media's to keep updated of all the posts.Take Care...

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