Friday, May 20, 2016

Blog gets quirked up with these Personalized Stay Quirky Nail Paints...

Stay Quirky nail paint pink potency
L-Serious Black,R-Pink Potency

Who doesn't loves personalized goodies...? Be it a tshirt ,a coffee mug ,a cap ,a pendrive or a nail paint.I couldn't resist when Stay Quirky , a nail paint brand had an offer where the customers could get their shade names personalized without any extra cost.I got two shades named Blushing Shimmers and third one my name.Third one carrying my name will be reviewed later.Now lets move further to know how these beauties fare.

Price:Rs 80 each
Avaiable online at

Stay Quirky nail paint pink potency
Wearing Stay Quirky Pink Potency and Serious Black Nail Paint

Stay Quirky nail paint serious black
Wearing Stay Quirky Pink Potency and Serious Black Nail Paint

Nail Paints come in a regular glass bottle which do resemble a lot like Maybelline Colorshow nail paints.Pink Potency 587 is a beautiful bubblegum pink , a young girlie shade which adds cuteness and charm to nails.For me this is a must have shade in my nail paint collection.Serious Black 32 is a jet black shade which doesn't needs much description but definitely shows your bold side.Not an easy shade to carry by everyone but one should try this shade atleast once as it makes your nails look elongated and slimmer as visible from the pictures.

1 to 2 coats give an opaque coverage and the application is flawless and not streaky.The finish is towards the glossy side though not extremely gel type.The shades start chipping after 1-2 days which mostly happens with all the drugstore nail paints so make sure you apply a top coat for longevity.Nail paints are not harsh on nails and do not even stain them.Removing them is also simple and not tiring.

My Ratings:4.5/5

Overall I would say that Stay Quirky nail paints are an affordable option,some beautiful shades to choose from and are easily available online.Pink Potency and Serious Black have good quality and are gentle on nails.I recommend trying this brand.

Stay Quirky nail paint serious black
L- Stay Quirky Serious Black ,  R- Stay Quirky Pink Potency

Did you liked the shades? Have you tried nail paints from this brand? Do share your views in the comment section below.I would love to hear from you you guys.Thanks for reading and do follow me on all my social media's to stay updated of all the new articles.Take Care !

PS:Stay Quirky team is very helpful and kind..
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