Thursday, May 5, 2016

Get office ready with these 5 Summer Essentials for Oily Skin.

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5 Summer Essentials for Office ready look 

It's raining heat in North India where temperature has reached approx 45 deg C..but no worries I have compiled those 5 products which you can use in these humid summers for that pop of colour which also looks fresh and subtle.Also I would be providing alternatives which you can try.To know my office essentials please keep on reading.

1.Toning:-Humidity is about to step in North India and people like me with oily skin hate layering anything on our face because every damn thing breaks us out like hell.My cult favourite Lacto Calamine lotion also becomes too heavy for my tolerance so I generally skip moisturizers.But if you are really seeking to try one then go for a light gel based cream.I start my routine by cleansing my face thoroughly with a face wash and then scrubbing it if required.I never skip toning my skin because that is most important.I prefer using rose water and my pick this time is Forest Essential Pure Rose Water.There are a plethora of options available and my next pick would be Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water.

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2.Compact:-For daily wear I never opt for any foundation or BB cream because of my skin sensitivity but if you really want to conceal some flaws then go for a concealer rather than a foundation.I skip all of the above and directly use a medium coverage compact.My pick for today is MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation. It is a foundation based compact which will provide some coverage and will even out complexion.Obviously their are many affordable and good options available in market which you can try.Affordable pick would be Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact.

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3.Blush:-I love blushes and I generally wear them to office and they look so natural only adding to that healthy glow.My pick is Clinique Colour Pop Blush in shade Berry Pop , a berry toned powder blush which adds a beautiful tint and looks very soft.Another affordable option would be Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Peachie Sweet.

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4.Lipstick/Coloured Lip Balm:-I would suggest a light textured lipstick or a coloured lip balm.My pick is Revlon Lip Butter :Tutti Fruity which is a very beautiful peachish-orange shade & looks extremely flattering on my medium skin tone.This Lip butter works like a balm and also brightens up my complexion.An alternative to this would be Maybelline Baby Lips in Candy Wow : Orange which is kind of similar to Tutti Fruity.

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5.Eyeliner:- I prefer using coloured liners this season as using bright shades add to the freshness of the look.My pick would be Colorbar I glide pencil in  Amethyst Spark which is a bright violet with shimmers.Another liner which is my personal favourite is Essence Long Lasting Pencil in Coolest Chic which is a beautiful Lilac shade and is also very affordable.

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If anywhere on the earth you are wondering why I skipped Sunscreen then I have an answer to it.Sometimes in humidity sunscreens also break me out badly so I avoid it and while travelling I just wrap my face in a scarf and wear shades to avoid sun.If you don't have problem then you can obviously go ahead and try.

That's all folks! Do share your makeup essentials for summers and let me know if we have any product in common.Thanks for reading and stay updated of all my posts by following me on all my social media's.Take Care.
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