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Beauty,Jewellery and Lifestyle Subscription Boxes in India you need to know- Part 2

Beauty,Jewellery and Lifestyle Subscription Boxes in India
Today I would be doing a part 2 of the post which I have previously done.I listed 13 Beauty,Jewellery and Lifestyle boxes to try in India and over such a short period the market is already flooded with some more new subscription boxes.Plenty of choices to pamper and spoil ourselves.We also have 3 period subscription boxes for our monthly care.If you are somebody who welcomes surprises then do give these subscription services a chance as they work like - Gift to Me from Me...

Check the Beauty,Jewellery and Lifestyle Subscription Boxes in India you need to know- Part 1 here.

Think Frill La Coffer Period Box
Think Frill La Coffer Period Box

1)Think Frill La Coffer Period Box : It is a monthly box to pamper women during their PMS.This particular subscription has three boxes Duchess Coffer,Princess Coffer and Queen Coffer.Firstly one has to choose the number of sanitary supplies according to how heavy period one gets,then choose your box and then at last choose your subscription plan.Apart from sanitary supplies it pampers us with sweets and other essentials.To know the details visit their website here.

Mystery Box india
Mystery Box

2)Mystery Box:Lifestyle , Fashion and Beauty subscription box which offers 4-5 products based on monthly theme.It mostly offers full sized products which are a mix of beauty , fashion , lifestyle , personal care and quirky stuff.Check their website here.

1 month : Rs 1499
3 months : Rs 4197
6 months : Rs 7794
12 months : Rs 14388

Cosset Box
Cosset Box 

3)Cosset Box : Cosset makes your life a little easier by delivering period essentials and goodies every month just before your period begins.One has to select the period essentials,Type of box ( basic or indulgence ) and plan.To know more check their website here.
1 month : Rs 300
3 months : Rs 840
6 months : Rs 1620
12 months : Rs 3120

1 month : Rs 950
3 months : Rs 2600
6 months : Rs 4900
12 months : Rs 9400

Bling Bag
Bling Bag

4)Bling Bag : Bling Bag is a monthly jewellery subscription bag which delivers 3-4 stylish jewellery in a fancy pouch.You get discounts for 3 , 6 and 12 month subscription.You are made to fill a style profile to match the jewellery of your choice as far as possible.Check the website of Bling Bag to know more about them.Also check my January Bling Bag here.

1 month : Rs 1499
3 months : Rs 4199
6 months : Rs 8099
12 months : Rs 15599

Glo Box
Glo Box 

5)Glo Box : It is a monthly beauty subscription box where you have to fill a beauty profile.It offers all full size products which is a great thing because I am not very happy about the idea of samples.To know more about it check the website here.

1 month : Rs 799
3 months : Rs 2247
6 months : Rs 4194
12 months : Rs 7188

Oh Cute Box
Oh Cute Box

6)Oh Cute Box :A monthly beauty subscription box which offer 4-6 deluxe size sample from good brands.It mostly includes skin care and hair care products.Check the website here.

1 month : Rs 590
3 months : 10% off
6 months : 20% off

Eve:The Pink Tag
Eve:The Pink Tag 

7)Eve:The Pink Tag : A monthly subscription box which provides natural, vegan, handmade, chemicals free products and all of them are curated according to choice and preference.They have different subscription plans and send around 5-7 products.Check the website here.

In total I have compiled 20 subscription boxes for you including the part-I list. Do you love trying these surprise subscriptions.Which one would you try among the above listed one.Also share your favourite box/bag.I hope so this post is helpful to you.Do share your thoughts in the comments section below and follow me on all my social media's for updates.Thanks for reading..Take Care !
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