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Being Juliet Period Subscription Box Review

Being Juliet Period Subscription Box

Period Subscription Boxes are a pleasant way of surprising yourself or your best buddy during those discomfort days.Some special gift can quirk up the mood especially when mood swings are at their worst.Some thoughtful assortments along with sanitary supplies is a perfect way of pampering oneself as our daily lifestyle doesn't allows us to take our special care.I have already reviewed one of the monthly period subscription La Coffer Think Frill Box here.Today I would be reviewing another period box Being Juliet.Check their website here.

Being Juliet is available in 3 variants :-

(1)Be Juliet-20 sanitary supplies + gifts

3 months subscription-Rs 1650
6 months subscription-Rs 3300
12 months subscription-Rs 6600

(2)Be Jane-15 sanitary supplies + occasional gifts

3 months subscription-Rs 900
6 months subscription-Rs 1710
12 months subscription-Rs 3300

(3)Be Jade-20 applicator tampons/pads/liner + gifts

3 months subscription-Rs 3200
6 months subscription-Rs 6300
12 months subscription-Rs 12600

Being Juliet Period Subscription Box

Be Juliet is the edition I would be discussing today.To start with the sanitary supplies we have an option of using a total of 20 supplies (pads/liner/tampons) from various popular brands .20 is quite a good number and is more than enough for a single cycle.In addition to it I received some quite thoughtful gifts(listed below) which are all related to periods.All the stuff is packed in a brown box which is sturdy but seems quite simple still I would be using it for storage purpose.Some graphics would have enhanced the look.

Saunf comes in an attractive bottle

1)Saunf : It aids digestion and prevents bloating which generally happens during periods. Saunf comes in a pretty glass bottle with a cork cap.I would surely be drinking saunf tea and storing this bottle for future diy's .

Rain Drop period pain balm
Rain Drop period pain balm

2)Rain Drop period pain balm: This blend is made of essential oil to soothe cramps and reduce bloating during periods and PMS.The jar came wrapped in a mesh bag and the cap has a pretty design going which looks quite cute. To be frank it smells quite bitter and strong but I wish it is equally effective also.This is a unique product and I am quite excited to use it.

INWI Intimate Wipes
INWI Intimate Wipes

3)INWI Intimate Wipes : Wipes come quite handy and useful if I am travelling or I am outside my house.Such additions are quite useful in my kit and this is a new add on.Also this wipe is alcohol free so it will not irritate the sensitive skin down there.

the kettlery Green Romance Green Tea
Green Romance Green Tea

4)Green Romance Green Tea : It contains green tea along with rose petals,rose buds,bilberries and mallow blossoms.I never have had such flowery flavoured green tea and I am looking forward to sip it.Would be an interesting experience this time !

All Good Sents Lolette EDP
All Good Sents Lolette EDP

 5)Lolette EDP : I have already tried a EDP from the house of All Good Scents so this sample made me smile but Lolette is a strong spicy fragrance something I am not fond of.I opt for floral fruity fragrance but if you like oriental scents this might be up your alley.

Stylish Sanitary Pouch
Stylish Sanitary Pouch

6)Stylish Sanitary Pouch : This pouch is my favourite amongst the whole bunch of gifts.I really wanted something like this to hold my sanitary pad which I always carry with me.The pouch is simple and has a bright polka design all over it.A big thumbs up to this product.

My Ratings :4.2/5 

In a nutshell I would say that Being Juliet subscription costs around Rs 550 per month which is not very expensive.If there was a system to subscribe for a single month I would have appreciated it even more.The gifts included are quite useful and the best part is that all them are associated with periods.Since cramps are the biggest worries for me , the inclusion of pain comforters is a good idea. A small gift for my sweet tooth would have been great but I liked this box.If you love pampering yourself then do try it!

What do you think of period subscription box? Have you tried it or will you tried it.Do share your valuable comments below and I would love to read them.Thanks for reading and do follow me on all my social media's to stay updated.Take Care..!

*PR Sample.Honest opinion in exchange for the product.
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