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Is 'Lust' by Sunny Leone EDP worth lusting ?

Lust By Sunny Leone EDP

Sunny Leone known for her beautiful voluptuous figure recently launched her own perfume line for both men and women.Sunny looks gorgeous in the golden gown she dressed for the perfume photoshoot. The enticing beauty and fashion sense of the ravishing women makes the perfume even more promising.But since I did not find any online reviews so a bit skepticism hovered my mind after making an online order and kept me guessing if the scent is as sensuous as her.

Notes mentioned : White Flowers,Neroli Leaves,Papaya flower,White Water Lily,White Amaryllis
Check the official website here.Get it online here.

 'Lust' by Sunny Leone EDP photoshoot
 Lust by Sunny Leone EDP photoshoot

Lust By Sunny Leone EDP review

Well to begin I would say that the perfume is tagged at the price of Rs 699 for 100 ml which is neither too steep or cheap.The juice is housed in a black opaque cuboidal shaped bottle with soft edges which comes in an outer cardboard box.The golden accents on bottle and geometrical shaped cap adds to the elegance and breaks the monotony of black.The bottle overall is simple yet classy.Personally I like my perfume bottles to be transparent as it gives me an idea of how much product has been consumed.But the perk of opaque bottle is that it doesn't exposes the perfume to light hence preserves the perfume for a longer time.Also I can easily display it on my vanity without bothering to cover it in the outer box.

Coming to the fragrance let me start with what comes to my mind first after reading the tag.A deep sensual aphrodisiac scent which would make anybody go nuts !! But after sniffing the scent all that I could smell is soft subtle white floral notes.I am not an expert to identify the notes but it is something I am really fond of.White florals are my favourite kind of scent.A little bit sweetness which comes from some note adds to the femininity of juice.It smells delicate,soft,sensual,youthful but it definitely does not fall in the category of love potion as it should have considering the name of perfume.I love wearing it everyday as the scent is not overpowering and is quite graceful.

Perfumes generally donot stay long on my body and this perfume meets the same fate by staying around 3-4 hours on my skin which is pretty good.Body lotion from the same range would enhance the longevity but it is yet to be launched.Also deodorant from the same range is available.The sillage is soft which is perfect as I do not like to leave a heavy trail of perfume wherever I go making all the heads turn.The projection is okay and not strong.Perfumes actually play hide and seek and the sudden burst after few hours is surprising.I have always noticed that the one who wears the perfume barely smells it whereas the entire crowd surrounding them can notice it.Well I am happy with the blind fragrance purchase this time.

My ratings:4.5/5

In a nutshell I would say that the Lust EDP by Sunny Leone is a beautiful young feminine white floral fragrance which would appeal most of the people.The name is though misleading as there is nothing very seductive about it.But the celebrity fragrance is definitely worth a try as the range won't be heavy on your pocket.Recommended.

Have you tried any celebrity fragrance?Do share your views in the comment section below.I would love to know your opinion.Also follow me on all me social media's to stay updated.Thank for reading.Take Care..
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