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Dull To Radiant - Restore Your Glow with These VLCC Products

Restore Your Glow with These VLCC Products

Who doesn’t want fair glowing skin? Every girl grows up listening to the tales of snow white, thinking herself to be the fairest of them all.However, fulfilling this dream, and maintaining flawless fair skin, can be a nightmare in today’s world, where sun and pollution are constantly attacking and demeaning the quality of your skin.

In today’s modern world where people don’t have time to maintain a healthy lifestyle, where they would rather stay up all night, eat just junk food all day without any physical activity, a dull and dark skin is imperative and unavoidable.

So what is the perfect solution to maintain a bright glow forever????

Well, there is no magic potion which can recover the damage on your skin in a single night. You
have to take some extra care of your skin, while taking preventive measures to minimize further

How to find that lost glow with all time hit VLCC range of products in my Vanity Case? Maintaining a fair glowing skin can be a bit troublesome so follow these routines and your skin will stay radiant and glowing forever. Take them as kind of Modern Dadi ma ke nuskhe….

Use VLCC Sunscreen regularly

vlcc sunscreen
VLCC Daily Protect Suncreen

If you really want to maintain your bright glow, then make it a habit of applying sunscreen, whenever you step out of your place. VLCC has an SPF range starting from SPF 20 to SPF 40. So if you are going to office in the heat or a Goa trip in the summers, who cares, when we have VLCC Sun guard.

Cleanse Twice A Week

VLCC sandal cleansing milk

Unfortunately, we live in a polluted world, where heat, sweat and dirt can lead to many skin problems. In order to steer clear of these problems you need to ensure that you cleanse your face regularly with VLCC sandal cleansing milk – an instant cleanser. It helps get rid of all the dirt particles and dead skin cells.

Apply VLCC Snigdha Night Skin Whitening Cream

VLCC Snigdha Night Skin Whitening Cream

Your night sleep can play an important role, in helping your skin relax. Ensure to use night brightness creams like VLCC Snigdha Night Skin Whitening Cream, which can deliver better results as you don’t have to worry about pollution or sun during this time. It will also remove the damage caused on your skin the entire day. So let that the cream work and you chill out and have a peaceful sleep for the morning glow.

Use VLCC Anti-Tanning Pack

VLCC Anti-Tanning Pack

Masking an anti tan pack can play a vital role in decreasing your complexion by two bars.So, make sure to work against those tanning damages. The Orange anti tan pack restores the lost glow and cleans the skin against the impurities.

Why VLCC is the all in one solution
Well, I personally recommend you all to choose all these variant creams or lotions of a single brand. Most people have this habit of using different creams of different brands all together in their routine, which can damage or minimize the evident results promised by these brands. Most brands basically use the same essence of ingredients in their products, which works better if used together. And it also eliminates any chances of side effects as the products are compatible with each other and with your skin.

I love the fact that they have different variants for a single category of product. They offer everything from cleansers to fairness creams to sunscreens. I have been using it for over two years and I really love them, they use natural ingredients in most of their products, which eliminates the risk of side effects. Plus they have a solution to pretty much any skin problem, be it acne marks or tanning.

So, Go for it!!!

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