Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Gucci Bloom EDP Review: Best White Floral Fragrance

Gucci Bloom EDP Review

Fragrance is what define your's personality and one should carefully choose which fragrance to wear.For me white florals and rose notes are fresh, feminine and alluring, something I am naturally gravitated towards.I'll be sharing my review on one of my favorite fragrances which is a beautiful white floral EDP by Gucci.

Price- $97 for 50 ml

Gucci Bloom is blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas , capturing the rich scent of garden filled with flowers.Tuberose and Jasmine along with Rangoon Creeper which is an exotic flower found in South India is used to create this fragrance.

Gucci Bloom Perfume Review

The bottle has a powder pink colour with a minimalistic design and the outer packaging has vintage floral print on it.Overall the bottle feels quite luxurious- simple yet elegant.The bottle cap shuts with a click hence it is safe to travel with.The diffuser is good and amount of perfume sprayed can be controlled.

The prominent notes are that of Jasmine and Tuberose. A feminine, clean and fresh fragrance something that would be liked by women of all age groups.It's more of a Summer-Spring fragrance but I won't mind wearing in in Autumn-Winter either.

It lasts for approximately 5 hours and if sprayed on clothes would enhance its longevity but that's not how perfumes are supposed to be worn.Generally, I tend to ignore the perfume I am wearing unless it makes itself noticeable.Gucci Bloom has moderate projection initially but settles down close to skin with time.

Gucci Bloom EDP Review

Gucci Bloom is a soft sensual white floral fragrance with prominent notes of Tuberose and Jasmine, exactly they way I like my fragrance to be.It is a moderate fragrance and represents youth, feminity and happiness.This is the kind of fragrance I would always stock in my collection.
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Gucci Bloom EDP Review
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