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Best Handmade Chocolates in Delhi : ConfectionConnection

 Best Handmade Chocolates in Delhi

Best Chocolate Gift Hamper Delhi
Premium Chocolate Hamper by ConfectionConnection

Handmade things always have a special place in my heart and especially if they are chocolates, I can never say no to them.Recently I got to try some handmade chocolates from ConfectionConnection which is started by two very talented girls Mansi and Shafaly.

Confection Connection offers a wide range of handcrafted chocolate delicacies like flavoured chocolates, biscuits, rose bars, chocolate coated nuts etc.Gift hampers are also available starting from Rs 319 onwards and the most interesting part is that these boxes can be personalized as well.

You can order handmade chocolates in Delhi through their Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. Don't forget to check their exciting range of products on their page.

📞 8076338777 | 8684934236

ConfectionConnection Delhi
ConfectionConnection, Delhi

Now let's check what all I got in this premium hamper.It is priced at Rs 669.


1) A Jar of Chocolate Coated Almonds - Almonds are always a yes and that too coated with chocolate is something I am obsessed with.I can cherish them forever and ever and ever...

2) A Jar of Flavoured and Centre Filled Chocolates - The different flavoured chocolates are a thing to appreciate.The honey flavoured chocolate has a thin layer of honey filled inside which was a surprise to my taste buds.The way it combined with chocolate had a different feel altogether. Overall the taste of these chocolates are amazing.Also, I could find a nice handwritten message dropped in the box..Thanks!

3) 4 Choco Biscuits individually wrapped - The chocolate coated biscuits come beautifully wrapped individually and they are my favorite in the entire box. Chocolatey outside and crispy inside! I would love to stock these for lifetime with me.

4) 4 Stir Ins - The concept of chocolate bars to prepare Hot Chocolate is quite intriguing for me and it is the best thing a chocolate lover can get.Just add a stir-in to hot milk and stir it until it dissolves.All the Stir Ins come with a handwritten note..Interesting! Isn't it?

All the chocolates comes beautifully packaged and adorned which is very pleasing.I am quite happy to see the efforts put in packaging. Despite that I am quite picky in choosing my chocolates, I really enjoyed every bit of these chocolates and no doubt ConfectionConnection is one of the best handcrafted chocolates that I have tried. It feels quite special to be gifted something so chocolaty and beautiful so try to make your loved one's feel special.

Best Handmade Chocolates
Chocolate Biscuits
Handmade chocolate biscuits Delhi
Chocolate Biscuits

Best Handmade Flavoured Chocolate Delhi
A Jar of Flavoured and Centre Filled Chocolates

Best Handmade Flavoured Chocolate Delhi
Flavoured Chocolates

Handmade Chocolate coated almonds Delhi
Chocolate Coated Almonds

handmade hot Chocolate stir-in
Chocolate Stir In in my Left Hand

Handmade chocolate dwarka delhi

Handmade chocolate in Delhi

What are you waiting for? Quickly check the ConfectionConnection links and order your box of happiness right now. Would you like to try or gift these chocolates to someone special? Share your views in the comments section below.

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