Sunday, April 7, 2019

Blushing Shimmers Turns '4' 🎂

Blushing Shimmers

So happy to announce that my baby blog has turned 4 today.It was exactly 4 years back that I posted my first post.I never expected that this journey would continue for so long.It was just out of curiosity of trying new products that I ventured into beauty blogging.

There has been time I invested a lot into blogging-both materialistically and emotionally which helped grew my fondness for Blushing Shimmers even more.

Of late I have not been able to post quite frequently due to college hectic schedule but I have always been drafting posts.I just plan to be regular so that my little blog remains active.I am trying to create the content as best as I can and would also my upgrade my camera Nikon D3300 soon along with some lighting setup so that I can click my photographs myself.

At the end I was just say that Blushing Shimmers has given me an enormous self confidence which everyone needs.It has added a little more spark in my life and I just hope that this journey continues and I continue providing authentic reviews and personal style to you all.

Happy Birthday "Blushing Shimmers".Since today is Navratri, and surprisingly I am on fast so I couldn't cut a cake.It hardly matters as I am quite excited about today.

Thank for Reading..Take Care...

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