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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Blushing Shimmers Turns '4' 🎂

Blushing Shimmers

Friday, August 7, 2015

My favourite beauty bloggers....Confessions of a beauty blogger...

Hie everyone.....,

This post is really going to be an interesting one...I always wanted to thank all my favourite bloggers for being such wonderful bloggers.Well this journey begins from the time when I was never aware of that I would be starting a beauty blog.Firstly I would hold responsible you all bloggers for enticing me to purchase all those lovely products out there and when I finally realized that I have so much that I can share my views about them so thought why not start a blog.Look I am not a professional and whatever I do is just for my recreation.
In the following list I literally do not intend to disparage any blogger whose name I do not mention because their are so many bloggers so it is practically not possible to visit every blog with same frequency.But if I speak my heart I feel that all the blogs I have visited till date are beautiful,creative and equally appealing.Trust me girls I love all beauty blogs.But today I'll be mentioning the blogs and youtubers which I visit frequently and some of them I think I cannot live without..:p <just kidding>.

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