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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Love and Makeup February Fab Bag Review

Hiee everyone...,

Yesterday I received my February Fab Bag which is the Valentine's Special Edition hence the colour Red..Love and Red are somehow synonymous.Introducing Fab Bag , it is a monthly beauty subscription bag where you get deluxe samples and some full size products.If you want to acquaint further with the pricing and plans then visit the website here to know more about it.Fab Bag should be your preference only if you love exploring new products without being too narrow otherwise it can easily be given a skip.To know my take on the products I received , please keep on reading.

 February Fab Bag 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Beauty Resolutions January Fab Bag Review

Hieee everyone..,

Today I received my January Fab Bag in 'February' ! I think the team should work on delivering the bag on time by increasing their workforce or whatever but at least our bags should be delivered in the same month.Seriously this kills the curiosity no matter what you get in the bag.Lets see what all I received in this month's bag.But before that if you want to know what is it all about then check the website here.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The December Party All Night X'mas FAB BAG Review

Hieee everyone...,

I am back after a long time..Guess what?? Exammsss...I think this is the last post for this year soo Cheers..!! I might not post that frequently in coming months so a good time leap for my blog..Don't worry , how can I stop blogging..after all it is my favorite hobby...But too much of it is not good for your career unless you are a full time blogger..Anyways tomorrow is Christmas and I am happy that I got my bag before it..It is giving me a festive feel and seems as if Santa has gifted me this..<LOL> Actually I love getting gifts and all my gifts are labelled as 'To Ritam.....From Ritam'..I am my own Santa <giggle>...After all no one can make you as happy as you can make yourself...Enough of chattering now lets start with what all I got in this Fab Bag..I have booked Fab Bag after a long time and you must have guessed by now the reason of booking...

The December Party All Night X'mas FAB BAG
The December Party All Night X'mas FAB BAG

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Red Carpet July 2015 Fab Bag

Hiee everyone.....

Today I will be unboxing my July Fab Bag and revealing the products.It was sent a few days before but I received it yesterday only.Receiving a late bag is not a mystery because the products are already revealed but this time I received my bag the earliest among previous bags so no issues.The theme for this month is a glamorous one i.e.  Red Carpet and this month's bag has two cosmetics. Yipeee!!
Well lets get started.
If we talk about the bag then I should say I seriously like this golden bag with decent fine shimmers and is apt for special occasions.The quality of the bag is good so thumbs up for this bag. :*

july fab bag
July 2015 Fab Bag

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TAKE CHARGE ! June Fab Bag Review

Hieee everyone...

Today I am airing my opinions on June Fab bag .The wait is always extended but certainly worth it.This being my 3rd Fab Bag is the best I have received among the three.Hopefully the future holds even better bags than this one.The theme for this month Is Take Charge!I like the theme based bags.Starting with the review I would say that I like the faux leather bag which is small and chic.The pictures doesn't come out to be as good as that in real.I like the bag..Thumbs up for this one!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

May Fab Bag Review

Hiee everyone,

I know it's quite late to write review for May Fab Bag but I received it today so finally a long long wait has come to an end.The theme of the bag is Sun,Sand and Sexy which is basically based on the summers.The bag has blue strips which I like and has 2 full size products and one sample with a bonus scarf.

May fab bag review

This months bag was late become of the shifting of warehouse and I even received a sincere apology mail so no problems.If we talk about the concept of fab bag I really like the monthly subscription bags introduced in India.This is my second fab bag and the only drawback I noticed is that the team doesn't customize the products according to the questionnaire.In my previous bag they sent me a lip shade in bright red which I do not wear but it's a nice colour .(Maybe I will start wearing it.)
Similarly this time I have been send a shade which I again do not like but I won't mind wearing it.I hope so in future these people send me a shade of my choice atleast a natural wearable shade.

May fab bag review

Lets have a look at products that I received.All these products are accompanied by a Fab post magazine which have description of products and discount coupons ,some DIY and fun posts.

Monday, April 27, 2015

April Fab Bag Review


After reading so many positive reviews on fab bag I finally ordered one for me.So this April fab bag is my first fab bag and I was really excited to see it and finally I received it today after a long-long wait.( approx. after 23-25 days.)
Slowly unwrapping packaging it was so disappointing to see the box like bag which appears very retro.This is the first time they changed the packaging. Please Fab Bag crew I personally feel the previous one was a much better design than this.

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