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Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist : Plunge into the Freshness of Flowers....

Hieee beauties....

Recently I went to the Westside  store and Chambor had some good offers so I decided to try few products from this brand.This brand was untouched by me till now and I have an upcoming haul post from this brand in a few days.I always wanted to try this brand because of the exotic packaging they offer.Yes I crave for luxury packaging's ! In search for some products so I could cross that limit to avail the offer the SA asked me to try the body mists and since I have already so many mists from Bath & Body Works in my collection I was a bit reluctant but you know how adamant these sales people are!! But there sales strategy did work and now this is one of the finest mists I have ever tried on earth.Trust me I just went bonkers as I sniffed the heavenly delicate floral notes which I absolutely love..I think this is 'My Kind of Smell' <LOL>

Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist
Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist

Price : Rs 595 for 200 ml

Magnolia Flowers or 'Champa' in Hindi

I personally love fragrances and especially natural floral scents. Chambor Mystique Magnolia has the notes of Magnolia which is commonly known as 'Champa' in India.I can even sense the notes of 'Harshringar' flowers though it is not mentioned anywhere.It smells very fresh and feminine.I love flowers and their transcendent beauty and fragrance leaves no space in my heart to admire anything else in this world .Truly said by John Keats,"Thing of beauty is a joy forever".
This mist will definitely unravel the mysteries of the heaven but as you plunge into the deep sea of flowery kingdom you will feel the freshness wither away in no time...:(

The smell doesn't even clings for an hour and that is the only drawback I should mention but then it's just a mist and not a perfume so I should not emphasize on this point.Lets hope Chambor releases a perfume based on this mist..:)

Rating:What do you thing my rating should be after so much of admiration..hmmmmm any guesses?????
I think I should rate it 4.8/5 because of low staying power....

Overall I would say that if you fall for those fresh flowery smells like those of 'Champa & Harshingar' flowers than this mist will definitely make you feel weak at the knees.True to its claim the romantic and captivating blend is simply irresistible!!Highly Recommended.Finally I found my 'Signature Smell' ;)

Do comment your views about this mist if you have ever tried this and do let me know if you are aware of any other floral mist existing in markets.Thanks for reading and yes do not forget to add me on all my social media's...Take Care.

Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist

Image courtesy:Magnolia flowers
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