Wednesday, October 7, 2015

When this Simple NEEM DIY can treat my fat ugly horrible Acne's so why can't Yours ?

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I believe in God and its beautiful nature which is packed with some great miraculous products.Anything has the ability to treat itself naturally with time and yes that's the beauty of how things work.It is only we humans who make the process complex by sophisticating our lifestyle.When we can get free treatment then what's the need to splurge our hard earned money in expensive products to make us look better.I simply believe in my natural DIY's for skin care.So today I will be sharing with you as to how treat you Acne's and Pimple at home itself.This remedy works the best for me rather than those likes,cinnamon,cloves etc etc.In other words this DIY is my 'Holy Grail' to treat my pimples.So keep reading to know how to prepare it.


  1. Fresh Neem Leaves..which are very easily available in India.
  2. A mixer for grinding
  3. Seive/Strainer
  4. An Empty Bottle
  5. Few Bowls
  6. Honey and Turmeric for preparing Scrub and Face Mask
  7. And at last but not the least:Faith in Nature


1)Wash the Neem Leaves thouroughly.


2)Add them to a mixer and grind them into a fine paste by adding little water.You should get a 'chutney' like consistency.

The grinded mixture should be of this consistency

Neem Water left after straining the grinded mixture

3)Now sieve this mixture and separate the Neem Water in a bottle for storing.I used a spritz bottle which is a used up body mist , for storing since I simply love spraying this water on my skin.


4)The Neem Water should be refrigerated and can be used for a week and after that you will have to re make it since herbal products may rot after sometime.

Neem Scrub And Mask

Ingredients for Face Mask and Scrub

Prepared mixture

1)The left over residue after straining the fluid can be used as a Face Scrub and Mask.You may apply it as it is or may add some Honey and a pinch of Turmeric for the added benefits of these two ingredients.Honey will bind the mixture and help in better application.Now use it as a scrub and a mask and wash off once dried.It will cause a slight tingling sensation due to active herbal ingredients.


1)Dab some Neem water using cotton or simply spray it , massage it to let it absorb into the skin and leave it overnight on face.The green tint it will leave will make you appear like an Alien..LOL :D

2)You can use it as a base for your powder face masks.I mix it with my Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti) and use it as a mask.

3)I use Neem Water to wash my body area's prone to itching and developing infection.Also very useful for vaginal itching.

Read my article on how to cure Rashes due to Periods and Tight Clothing here.

4)If you daily drink 2 spoons of this freshly prepared Neem Water then it will purify your blood from within and give you a long lasting effect as compared to topical treatments.But the only glitch with this is that daily preparing this Water is quite hectic so it is better you simply consume 3-4 leaves of Neem daily.This has many other health benefits also.

What it does:

Neem tree is said to cure any skin disease.Every part of Neem tree including its leaves,bark,roots,stems are used to treat different skin conditions.It has great anti bacterial and anti microbial properties.Neem prevents and cures my pimples.It dries them out and also brings a natural glow on my skin.Prepare this treatment on a monthly basis or however you feel like and notice a less problematic skin.

Do try this and let me know if it works for you.I would be glad if you share your views about this DIY so keep commenting and do follow me on my social media's for more such articles.Thanks for reading Take Care.

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