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Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review

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I never felt the need of using any intimate wash but 2-3 months back I developed an irritation and itching due to humid season so I thought of purchasing a hygiene wash because preparing a Neem paste for regular use sometimes become quite hectic and I am damn lazy.
I have been using this wash since 2 months and this duration is good enough to test any product and do it's review.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Product Claims

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash review

Natural Ingredients Present


Rs 180 for 105 ml

My experience with Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

The wash comes in a transparent bottle with a tight lid and hence it is good for travelling purpose.The quantity is good enough and will last long.
A small amount creates a good lather,feels soft and gives a nice feeling and has a mild aroma to it.Can be used twice daily as it is very mild and is good for those tough days when the area becomes very sensitive.Using regular soaps may disturb the natural pH down there but this won't.
Well it will not cure any problem and is only good for prevention but regular usage might deal with itching problems relating hygiene issues only but cannot treat any infection due to some other 'xyz' reasons.

My Ratings:4.8/5

Overall I would say that if you have a sensitive skin or you are overly concerned with the hygiene issues there then do try it.It is an affordable option for daily cleanliness and does freshens up.Definitely prevents itching so I Recommend this.The product is available online.

What is your take on this protect.If you have tried this particular wash or some other than do let me know in the comments section below. Do not Forget to follow me on my social media's for more such articles.Till then Take Care..!!!!

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

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