Friday, April 1, 2016

Just Herbs Marigold-Mango Lip Contour Balm

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Just Herbs is an organic beauty brand free from harmful chemicals.Just imagine using a lipbalm loaded with not so good chemicals on your lips,of which most of it is ultimately taken inside.I accept that organic lipsticks are hard to find but atleast lip balms can be organic to an extent because most of the time I am wearing a layer of it.Lets talk about this lip balm which I received in my fab bag and is the first product from Just Herbs I am using.

Just Herbs Marigold-Mango lip contour balm

Price: Rs 345 for 8g
(Available online here)

Just Herbs Marigold-Mango lip contour balm

The  balm comes in a small tub with a screw cap which is quite a common packaging.Personally not liking this packing much I prefer more of chapsticks. You know the issue..Hygiene!! Anyways the balm is so soft that chapstick might melt especially in Indian hot climate so tubs are a great way to store it.

Moving over to the texture it is soft ,smooth and light weight which feels very moisturising on lips.Unlike the regular lip balms I use which have a thick texture , this one feels like oil rather than a thick cream sitting on top of lips.The best part is that it is free of any colour because in my skin care routine I try to keep away from chemicals as far as possible.It has a slight weird odour but something avoidable.

It exactly doesn't heals my lips when they became extremely rough in changing season but prevents chapping and slight dryness.I use it on a daily basis these days and it keeps my lips soft and supple though the effect is not long lasting so reapplication is required.I would not say that it is the best lip balm but is better than many balms I have tried till date.


The pricing is justified considering the ingredients present as organic lip balms are hard to find in Indian market therefore I would say that Just Herbs Marigold-Mango lip contour balm is a nice balm which will help keep lips soft and nourished which feels smooth and weightless.I recommend this organic balm which is totally safe to use.

Just Herbs Marigold-Mango lip contour balm
Just Herbs Marigold-Mango lip contour balm
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