Monday, April 11, 2016

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

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Beer Shampoo is a product copyrighted for men but we girls love to try all such stuff and especially if it is shampoo I just cannot spare it.I have already tried Park Avenue Beer Shampoo few years back but now when I see the new packaging I want to try my hands again on it.To know what changes are there in this new pack please keep on reading.

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

Price:Rs 155 for 180 ml

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

I love the imitation of real Beer bottle which looks so adorable.The new bottle has a proper cap unlike the previous version which had a fault in cap.The new formula now has opaque and yellow fluid unlike the transparent liquid in the previous version.The Awkward Beer smell has also been toned down as I found that unbearable.

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The results are nourished , soft , shiny hair which is kind of temporary because by the end of day my hair return to their original form.And this happens with all kind of hair products I use.It doesn't dries my hair and I can manage to skip my conditioner because of the natural conditioning property of Beer.It does nothing very extraordinary but it does work well and is better than most of the shampoo's I have tried.I have very dry hair and towards the tip I just need extensive conditioning because hair their tend to frizz the most.


Overall I would say that Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is a decent affordable shampoo which can be tried once.It is gentle , adds some shine and conditions hair .Also your tresses will get the added benefit of Beer.I recommend it.

Have you ever tried a beer shampoo?Do share your views about Park Avenue Beer Shampoo...Do follow me on all my social media's..Thanks for reading.Take Care...

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

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