Saturday, April 2, 2016

*New* Lakme Absolute Lip Shimmers , Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette, Precision Artist Eye Liner Swatches,Price

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This season Jewellery weds Color at Lakme Fashion Week.Having launched a couple of products with the raving theme #illuminateandshine ,everything seems so shimmery this season.! 15 new Lipstick shades in the range Lakme Absolute Lip Shimmer , 2 Absolute Eyeshadow Palettes and 3 new Absolute Precision Eye Artist Liner are the new face in market.The products have been launched as premium quality so a bit of steep pricing might be an oouch for some.All the products are available online and in stores.I will be sharing the swatches of the new range so please keep on reading.

Lakme Lip shimmers,eyeshadow palette swatches

Lakme Absolute Lip Shimmer (Rs 700 for 3.6 g)-Lip shimmers are the new concept where the lipshade will be packed with all the glam and glitter.Personally I am not very fond of shimmery lip shades but for the wedding season this will rock.I find some of the shades more suitable for brides and the shades are created to match Indian preferences.Shades range from more of dark browns to maroons,reds and oranges, and less of pinks and peaches.I find some of the shades quite matured and might not be up everyone's alley.Mostly all shades have golden or pink reflexes which adds to the 3rd dimension of shade.The lipsticks are very creamy and are highly pigmented.Since I am not into shimmery shades I am yet to pick up one.

Lakme Absolute Precision Artist Eye Liner(Rs 850 for 0.35 g) These liners comes in 3 shades.The texture is very smooth and totally smudge proof but the shades are nothing very unique.Quality wise they are quite good but I wish there were more shades and adhering to the theme they should have been power packed with shimmers.Was expecting shimmery eyeliners as they amp up the mood in festive season.

Lakme Absolute Illuminating Silver Eye Shadow Palette (Rs 995 for 6 shades)-First time Lakme has launched 6 shades eyeshadow pallette.As per the name there is no illuminating factore but all the shades have satiny or matte finish.I prefer such texture as it looks more subtle.They come in two variants-Gold and Silver.I picked up the Gold one due to the warm shades which look best on our Indian tone.Silver one has cool toned shades ranging from blue,purple and silver.The pricing is towards the higher side but the packaging look classy and for the quality stay tuned as I'll be posting the review soon.
Check the review here.

Lakme Absolute Illuminating gold Eye Shadow Palette swatches

Lakme Absolute Illuminating Silver Eye Shadow Palette

The most exciting part of the entire range has to be the palette's .Do let me know what you are planning to pick up from this range.Share your favourite product in the comments section below as I will love to know it.To keep updated of all the articles please stalk me on all my social media's.Take Care!
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