Saturday, October 1, 2016

10 ways to look attractive 'Without' Makeup

Girls are one of the most beautiful creation of God so we don't need to try hard to make heads turn.All we have to do is just be 'you' because we all are naturally gorgeous. Sometimes we think that only makeup can enhance our features and no doubt it can but there are other factors also.Let's discuss 10 ways which can make you look and feel pretty without cosmetics.

 Look attractive without makeup

1)The Prettiest thing you can wear is 'Smile'

I am personally attracted to people who have a jolly nature and smiling face.Who likes sad faces and frustrated expressions.Always wear that smile because what tonnes of makeup can't do a smile can do.A pretty face and ugly expression has no value at least in my eyes.A heartly smile creates positive aura and who doesn't wants to be surrounded by positive energy.

2)Slip that Beautiful Dress

A gorgeous outfit has the power to hide your flaws and bring up your natural beauty.Choose the dress which best suits your figure and don't just copy trends blindly.Wear something that hugs you perfectly and remember be your own trendsetter. Choose colours which enhance your complexion and also uplift your mood.

3)Let the Tresses do the Magic

Be it short or long hair,style your hair the best way possible as hair are the crown of beauty.Trim the unhealthy hair and deep condition your hair so that they look nourished and shiny.Healthy hair speaks volume about your health and hygiene so do some effort to let your hair do the talking.

4)Love yourself

Once you start loving  yourself the way you are then it won't bother you what people think about you.Be confident with your body and it will reflect in your body language.Never criticize your features because they are your asset. Learn to admire yourself because if you won't stand by yourself then don't expect somebody else to do so.

5)Have that Natural Glow

I understand how nice a flawless skin looks but not everyone is blessed with it and even I have a lot of flaws in my skin but I am perfectly okay with it.But I try to keep it in good condition as far as possible.Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies and indulge in a good CTM routine which has helped my skin a lot.Never leave makeup on your skin unnecessarily and make it a habit to clean it off before going to sleep. Regular care is the best way to keep skin healthy.

6)Keep Hydrated

Don't hesitate to drink lots and lots of water as it helps remove all the toxin deposits so that you can get that glow from within.I understand that sometimes drinking lots of water irritates because of the need to pee again and again but there is no alternative to it.Fix a target for each day and complete that amount of water no matter what.This is the best way to make it a routine.

7)Have a Signature Smell

Every individual has a personal choice for fragrance so whatever fragrance makes you insane should always be a part of your routine.If you smell heavenly it will leave a long lasting impression but remember do not make it too loud as less is more!

8)Be in shape

I do not mean to stay that starve yourself but whatever shape you have tone your body by exercising daily.It will not only keep you in proper shape but also you will maintain a good health.A fit body impels that confidence from inside so make sure you indulge in physical activities on a daily basis.

9)Indulge in Hobby

Having a hobby or indulging in activities boosts the self confidence which makes one feel more better about themselves and thus raising the confidence bar.It could be painting,cooking,reading,craft work,blogging etc.Learn to keep yourself busy whole day.

10) Be your best version

Beauty is never perfect and never compare yourself to the photo shopped models.It takes tonnes of makeup,best of photography techniques and photo editing skills in a single photo.So stop comparing yourself with anyone as beauty is unique.

That's all folks! I hope so you liked this article.Do share your views and ways to look beautiful without makeup.Thanks for reading and do not forget to follow me on all my social media's.Take Care...

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