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Forest Essentials Sana Fragrant Bath Care : Kashmiri Nargis Collection

Forest Essentials Sana Fragrant Bath Care

Forest Essentials Bath Care gift box
Beautiful Fan Motif and golden accents adds to the beauty of box

Forest Essentials this Diwali has come out with various gift collections to indulge in purity of nature.Beautifully crafted boxes with assorted products makes it a perfect choice to pamper oneself.Forest Essentials has carved a space in my heart for quite sometime due to their exotic range of products. Nargis was the range I wanted to try for long and Sana Fragrant Bath Care box has assembled some of its products in this collection.The box retails for Rs 2,250.Golden accents on blue and coral box adds to the delicacy of Nargis fragrance.The packaging of all the products including gift box is classy and feels luxurious.Orange ribbon looks quite complementing with the box and adds that special gift feeling.

Nargis aka Daffodil has a sensuous floral fragrance which never feels over the top.I personally love using aromatic products which are both pure and natural.The fact that forest essentials products smell strong and the sillage is quite good makes me like them even more.At the same time they do feel fresh and not cheap.

Forest Essentials Kashmiri Nargis Bath Care
Forest Essentials Kashmiri Nargis Bath Care

Forest Essentials Nargis Bath Care
Forest Essentials Sana Fragrant Bath Care

Ultra Rich Body Lotion has a thick consistency like a cream and it absorbs into the skin instantly.It is hydrating but if you are looking for intense moisturization then this might not be a right choice for you.I have normal to dry skin and for me it feels nice though I wish it could be more nourishing.It uses burnt cane sugar which acts as a natural humectant which seals in moisture.Use it on damp skin for better results.

For more moisturization Bath & Shower Oil is a right pick.Oil doesn't feels greasy and it gets absorbed like a cream.It can be used both as body oil which I prefer or as a shower oil.Enriched with goodness of Sunflower oil,Sweet Almond oil,Organic Apricot oil and Jojoba oil,use it after bath to seal moisture on the body.It provides nourishment for good time.

Body Mist provides cooling and hydrating feel.These body mists are said to be made of pure Aloe Vera juice for soothing and moisturizing properties.Goodness of Wheat germ,Glycerine,Pure Grain Alcohol,Rose,Cardamom and Vitamin E is better than putting loads of chemical on skin.Though not long lasting,the fragrance is surely captivating like the entire nargis range.Lotion,Mist and Oil comes in 50 ml bottles.

Cleansing Shower Butter feels so beautiful on skin especially the way it softly lathers with water leaving behind a mild floral fragrance.I am surely trying the full size of it.

Scented Solid Perfume is not available otherwise and this product would be great to layer up fragrance and would enhance longevity. 8gms of the product will last quite a lot as very tiny quantity is required.

My Rating: 4.75/5

Forest Essentials Sana Fragrant Bath Care set which essentially contains Nargis bath and body range is the best indulgence gift this season.The exotic,sensuous range should be tried once if you admire soft floral fragrance.The pricing though is towards the higher side but it is worth the splurge.

Do let me know if you love trying such natural fragrant products.What other natural products do you use?Leave your comments and I would love to read them.Also follow me on all my social media's to stay updated,Take Care and Happy Diwali!!

Forest Essentials Sana Fragrant Bath Care
Forest Essentials Sana Fragrant Bath Care

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