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My favourite beauty bloggers....Confessions of a beauty blogger...

Hie everyone.....,

This post is really going to be an interesting one...I always wanted to thank all my favourite bloggers for being such wonderful bloggers.Well this journey begins from the time when I was never aware of that I would be starting a beauty blog.Firstly I would hold responsible you all bloggers for enticing me to purchase all those lovely products out there and when I finally realized that I have so much that I can share my views about them so thought why not start a blog.Look I am not a professional and whatever I do is just for my recreation.
In the following list I literally do not intend to disparage any blogger whose name I do not mention because their are so many bloggers so it is practically not possible to visit every blog with same frequency.But if I speak my heart I feel that all the blogs I have visited till date are beautiful,creative and equally appealing.Trust me girls I love all beauty blogs.But today I'll be mentioning the blogs and youtubers which I visit frequently and some of them I think I cannot live without..:p <just kidding>.


Shreya Jain - sjlovesjewelry

This is a you tube channel I am addicted to..Seriously I am so fond of this channel that I wait for Monday,Wednesday and Friday for Shreya to upload the videos.I love watching her videos.Thanks Shreya for being so wonderful.Now let me share the best part I feel about +sjlovesjewelry  .She is different from other you tubers in the sense that she has got a good sense of humour,she is natural and not made up,looks much pretty without makeup and is very creative.And one thing more..whenever she rambles up a line,she literally handles it so nicely.I think it was the only thing that attracted me.Maybe!But what makes me so addicted to this channel? The main reason is that I used to watch her videos in a very lonely phase of my life..when I was all alone,I had nobody to talk to and studies burdened me like anything.It was like an emotional vent out for me and gave me a feeling as if I have found a virtual friend.
She even has a dormant blog (:p )-Beauty In The Third World

2.Heart Bows & Makeup


There are so many reasons I like this blog...Firstly all the reviews are done so properly and professionally and especially the LOTD and EOTD and off course FOTD. I trust this blog for it provides the proper swatches with almost correct shades.I understand how difficult it is to match a lipstick shade with the real one in photographs.Thanks +Lisha B.  for starting such a pretty blog with the hearts scrolling all over the background.Even I am a big fan of stuffs like Pink colour,Heart and Bows...When I first time visited the blog I wondered how can somebody steal my mind. :p
Apart from these Lisha looks so stunning in whatever attire she is dressed up in no matter how bold or subtle the makeup is.I am fan of her outfit tutorials and she simply looks ravishing.


Komal - Myhappinesz

Komal is such a cute and charming girl and I am liking her from the very first day I watched her video.Her channel name is quite appropriate as it just intends to say that life's happiest moments are hidden in the smallest things.Am I correct +MyHappinesz ? Firstly I have to say something that I like her is so genuine and Secondly I love her closet and look book is also amazing....Please keep uploading exciting videos.

Akriti Sachdeva - Mesmereyesmakeup

Akriti Sachdeva is the gorgeous girl behind this blog and she also has a wonderful video channel AkritiSachdeva .I watch her videos and seriously like her tutorials.They are so easy to follow and create.The way she does makeup and the final look comes out to be so elegant and classy.I wish I get a chance to be a part of her makeup class and since she is a professional Bridal Makeup Artist I also wish that she be the hands behind the beautiful me on my D-Day.



Corallista is a beauty blog started by Ankita who is an IIT alumnus and so she is a very good example of beauty with brains.I never imagined an IITian could be so creative with her makeup.Even I have an engineering background so this makes me even close to all the 'Engineered Beauty Bloggers'
The blog is simple yet sophisticated with to-the-point reviews,beautiful swatches and pleasing looks.I have bought so many products based on her recommendation.Thanks +Ankita Chaturvedi Srivastava  for starting such a nice blog.And not to forget that she even has a video channel Corallista uploaded with impressive tutorials.I am sure you would love her channel and blog.

Cynthia-Indian Vanity Case

I am certain that this blog will bewitch girls who are fond of girly,cute makeup.I love her collection of makeup. OMG Cynthia has such a 'fine taste' for  makeup and everything looks so perfect,girlish and nice in her blog.I never think I will ever get borApart from these things I like the individual sections in her blog namely Lipstick Drawer,Blush Bar etc.Cynthia is a mother to a lovely baby and has also started an another blog.Visit here CZ Loves.

All my lovely bloggers I am really sorry for using the photographs here but I never intend to steal them.It is just for the sake of this post I had to. :) :)
And not to forget that here I am not ranking any blogger and this is just a fun article.Please do let me know your favourite bloggers so that I can know more of them and my next list is likely to be up soon.

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