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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The More Power To You March Fab Bag Review

Hiee Everyone,

Today first time in my life I received my Fab Bag so early and this came as a shock to me.I have generally seen that if I go for 3 month subscription then in the last month bag arrives early.Any ways this months bag is totally worth every penny you spend on it so to know what all I got please keep on reading.
To know more about pricing and plans of FabBag visit website here.

 March Fab Bag 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Love and Makeup February Fab Bag Review

Hiee everyone...,

Yesterday I received my February Fab Bag which is the Valentine's Special Edition hence the colour Red..Love and Red are somehow synonymous.Introducing Fab Bag , it is a monthly beauty subscription bag where you get deluxe samples and some full size products.If you want to acquaint further with the pricing and plans then visit the website here to know more about it.Fab Bag should be your preference only if you love exploring new products without being too narrow otherwise it can easily be given a skip.To know my take on the products I received , please keep on reading.

 February Fab Bag 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Beauty Resolutions January Fab Bag Review

Hieee everyone..,

Today I received my January Fab Bag in 'February' ! I think the team should work on delivering the bag on time by increasing their workforce or whatever but at least our bags should be delivered in the same month.Seriously this kills the curiosity no matter what you get in the bag.Lets see what all I received in this month's bag.But before that if you want to know what is it all about then check the website here.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The December Party All Night X'mas FAB BAG Review

Hieee everyone...,

I am back after a long time..Guess what?? Exammsss...I think this is the last post for this year soo Cheers..!! I might not post that frequently in coming months so a good time leap for my blog..Don't worry , how can I stop blogging..after all it is my favorite hobby...But too much of it is not good for your career unless you are a full time blogger..Anyways tomorrow is Christmas and I am happy that I got my bag before it..It is giving me a festive feel and seems as if Santa has gifted me this..<LOL> Actually I love getting gifts and all my gifts are labelled as 'To Ritam.....From Ritam'..I am my own Santa <giggle>...After all no one can make you as happy as you can make yourself...Enough of chattering now lets start with what all I got in this Fab Bag..I have booked Fab Bag after a long time and you must have guessed by now the reason of booking...

The December Party All Night X'mas FAB BAG
The December Party All Night X'mas FAB BAG

Friday, November 13, 2015

MSM November Express Box #YouGlowGirl Review

Hieee everyone..,

I ordered the MSM Box 4 days back and today I received it..So quick...I like the services of MSM Box..Well I got one bonus product because of a coupon code I had.Anyways lets start with what all received in this month's November Box.This month's theme is #YouGlowGirl ,festive season...
To know more about it visit MSMBOX.

MSM November Express Box
MSM November Express Box

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 2nd Anniversary Special 'Double Delight' Beautywish Box Unboxing and Review

Hieee everyone...

Today I got my 2nd anniversary special 'Double Delight' Beautywish Box by Natures Co.This is my first Beautywish box subscription and since this was a double bonanza so who will want to miss it...:p
To know more about this subscription service click here.
To know more about other subscription boxes in India currently click here.

September 2nd Anniversary Special 'Double Delight' Beautywish Box
September 2nd Anniversary Special 'Double Delight' Beautywish Box

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Beauty,Jewelry and Lifestyle Subscription Boxes in India you need to know

Hieee everyonee....

This posts is all about the beauty subscription boxes in India which are quite in vogue these days.So I am listing all the boxes down here which are in my knowledge.Apart from beauty box there are many other themed boxes like snackosaur, paper planes, flinto box,the  gourmet box,avishkaar box,small brown box,bliss basket etc etc etc for kids,food lovers,couples etc etc..Now lets start with the popular beauty boxes in India.

1.Fab Bag

Fab bag are the most popular subscription boxes in India.They customize the products according to the questionnaire which one has to fill.The bag is a very usable pouch which can used to store anything and is extremely useful for travelling purposes.Each month has a different theme and different pouch design which contains Full size and sample size products from delux brands.The team has hiked the rates for a single month subscription which is really disappointing for me but the other prices remain same.Fab bags are also available for Men.Check the website for more details: FabBag
Check my Fab Bags here.

Fab Bag Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 699
3 months subscription-Rs 1499
6 months subscription-Rs 2699 + sign up bonus
12 months subscription-Rs 4799 + sign up bonus

Monday, September 7, 2015

My September MSM Express box

Hiee everyone..,

Today I will be unboxing my first MSM box and I am soo excited.I ordered it on 2nd and I received it yesterday though I am unboxing it today..Soo quick service ! Thumbs up for that :)
Let me give a brief introduction about MSM box.
My Style Mile (MSM) box is a monthly beauty subscription box for Rs 495 for MSM Express Box and Rs 995 for MSM Select Box.Even Men's Subscription Box is available.
Check the website here for more details.
So lets start with what all I got :)

My September MSM box
My September MSM box

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