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Beauty,Jewelry and Lifestyle Subscription Boxes in India you need to know

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This posts is all about the beauty subscription boxes in India which are quite in vogue these days.So I am listing all the boxes down here which are in my knowledge.Apart from beauty box there are many other themed boxes like snackosaur, paper planes, flinto box,the  gourmet box,avishkaar box,small brown box,bliss basket etc etc etc for kids,food lovers,couples etc etc..Now lets start with the popular beauty boxes in India.

1.Fab Bag

Fab bag are the most popular subscription boxes in India.They customize the products according to the questionnaire which one has to fill.The bag is a very usable pouch which can used to store anything and is extremely useful for travelling purposes.Each month has a different theme and different pouch design which contains Full size and sample size products from delux brands.The team has hiked the rates for a single month subscription which is really disappointing for me but the other prices remain same.Fab bags are also available for Men.Check the website for more details: FabBag
Check my Fab Bags here.

Fab Bag Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 699
3 months subscription-Rs 1499
6 months subscription-Rs 2699 + sign up bonus
12 months subscription-Rs 4799 + sign up bonus

2.MSM Box

MSM box is a monthly subscription beauty box which sends some full sized and sample products.The service has free delivery with no COD available.I ordered this box and I received it within 5 days I guess.The service is really prompt and quick.You may check what I got in my MSM express September Box here.
MSM has currently introduced 4 types of boxes.

  1. MSM Express Box -Rs 495
  2. MSM Select Box -Rs 995
  3. MSM Diva Box (Makeup Special) -Rs 1995
  4. MSM Bulldawg (Men's Box) -Rs 1495

The difference in Express and select box is that the former has Niche and upcoming brands whereas later contains delux and established brands.

3.My Envy Box

My Envy Box is a luxury beauty box which contains 4-5 beauty products from top international brands which starts shipping from 12th to 15th of month offering free delivery.Their are special deals available.Visit the website here for more details:MyEnvyBox

My Envy Box Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 850
3 months subscription-Rs 2250
6 months subscription-Rs 4350
12 months subscription-Rs 8500

4.Sugar Box

Monthly Subscription box of latest curated Fashion,Beauty,Lifestyle & Gourmet Products.The box arrives in the last week of the month.
Visit the website for more details here-SugarBox

Sugar Box Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 1499
3 months subscription-Rs 4197
6 months subscription-Rs 7794
12 months subscription-Rs 14388


Zotique is a monthly jewellery and lifestyle subscription box in two categories namely Fasiohnista Box  and Must Have's Box.
Check the website here for details:Zotiqq

Fasiohnista Box Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 1500
3 months subscription-Rs 4100
6 months subscription-Rs 7700
12 months subscription-Rs 15000

Must Have's Box Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 1000
3 months subscription-Rs 2800
6 months subscription-Rs 5200
12 months subscription-Rs 10000

6.Gia Bath & Body Box

Gia Bath & Body Box contains 5 delux sized samples and takes order by 10th of month and dispatches by 20th of month.
Check the website for details: Gia Bath & Body Works

Gia Bath & Body Box charges for 1 month:Rs 695

7.Being Juliet

Being Juliet is a period subscription box which arrives 5 days before your period date to avoid the last minute hassle.It contains sanitary essentials,period pain comforter and other thoughtful gifts.The box are of two types-Be Juliet and Be Jane
Visit the website here for more information:Being Juliet

Be Juliet Charges:

3 months subscription-Rs 1650
6 months subscription-Rs 3300
12 months subscription-Rs 6600

Be Jane Charges:

3 months subscription-Rs 900
6 months subscription-Rs 1710
12 months subscription-Rs 3300

8.Embellishment Box

Embellishment Box is a monthly subscription jewellery box which contains 4 different trendy and fashion jewellery and ships around the end of month.They have also introduced the mini embellishment box for kids that contains little hair and fashion accessories.

Check the website for more details-Embellishment Box

Embellishment Box Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 1200
3 months subscription-Rs 3300
6 months subscription-Rs 6000
12 months subscription-Rs 12000

Mini Embellishment Box Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 750
3 months subscription-Rs 2100
6 months subscription-Rs 3900
12 months subscription-Rs 7500


Yourbox is a personalized monthly subscription box which contains a customized complete outfit,footwear/handbag,wardrobe staple,statement jewelry ,fun stuff and some chocolates or candies..This box sounds interesting and they also have a questionnaire to understand your preferences. Yourbox mini contains only clothing,jewelry and wardrobe staple products.

Yourbox Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 1700
3 months subscription-Rs 4800
6 months subscription-Rs 9300
12 months subscription-Rs 18000

Yourbox mini Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 1100
3 months subscription-Rs 3100
6 months subscription-Rs 6000
12 months subscription-Rs 11400

10.Natures Co Beauty Wish Box

Beauty wish box is a monthly subscription box with different themes each much containing 5 delux sized and 1 retail size beauty samples with free delivery.The box is shipped towards the end of every month.I have ordered September box and I am about to receive it.
Check the September box review here.
Check the website for more details: BeautyWish Box

Beauty wish box Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 595
3 months subscription-Rs 1645
6 months subscription-Rs 3215
12 months subscription-Rs 5950

11)The Little Bauble Box

Little Bauble Box is India's first designer Jewelry subscription box with a different concept.On the basis of style quiz the customer will be sent a box having 3 customized Jewelry and after using them they can schedule a pickup and then they will receive an another box in exchange.One can receive upto 4 boxes in a month.
Visit the website for details: TLBB

TLBB Charges:

1 month subscription-Rs 1999
3 months subscription-Rs 4999
6 months subscription-Rs 8999
12 months subscription-Rs 15999

12)Lady Raga

Lady Raga is a new beauty subscription service in India which includes beauty products and jewelry and is quite reasonably priced.These products come in a pouch which is very good for travelling purposes or might also arrive in a box.A surprise gift is accompanied with every box.
Visit the website for more details : Lady Raga

Lady Raga subscription charges

1 month subscription-Rs 666
3 months subscription-Rs 1849
6 months subscription-Rs 3595
12 months subscription-Rs 6666


A beauty subscription box which sends 4 beauty product samples in a net zippered pouch.The Bag is worth a try as it only costs Rs 299 a bag.
Visit the website for more details:O MY BAG

That's all folks!! I hope so this article was useful and do comment your favourite box in the section below.Till then Take Care and please do not forget to follow me on my social media's for your support and love.
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