Monday, September 7, 2015

My September MSM Express box

Hiee everyone..,

Today I will be unboxing my first MSM box and I am soo excited.I ordered it on 2nd and I received it yesterday though I am unboxing it today..Soo quick service ! Thumbs up for that :)
Let me give a brief introduction about MSM box.
My Style Mile (MSM) box is a monthly beauty subscription box for Rs 495 for MSM Express Box and Rs 995 for MSM Select Box.Even Men's Subscription Box is available.
Check the website here for more details.
So lets start with what all I got :)

My September MSM box
My September MSM box

Nicely packed individual products

As I opened the box it smelled heavenly..I am not sure which of the product had that fragrance but I liked it a lot.The packaging is really very sturdy and the box is of good quality which I will be using for storing my cosmetics and stuff.The bright fuchsia color gives it a chic appearance.The products are nicely packed in bubble wrap and matching fancy 'potli' bags. MSM team pays a lot of attention to aesthetics and I really like it.This issue has only Skin care products and I wish that they incorporated atleast one cosmetic but nonetheless I liked them all. Coincidentally I ordered a Pedicure kit few days back and this box has 2 products related to it.No problem I will be using all of them.

List of products I have got

Bright Fuchsia colored box

1) Fuschia Lavender Foot Salt : It is a sea salt infused with dead sea minerals,Epsom salt and Himalayan salt with essential oil are natural ingredients which rejuvenate & keep your skin supple & radiant.I wanted a Foot salt as I have heard a lot about it so here it is.I like this product which is a full size and retails for Rs 225.The foot salt smells simplllyy awesome...:) <3

Fuschia Lavender Foot Salt
Fuschia Lavender Foot Salt

2)Fuschia Peppermint pedicare Nourishing foot cream :Rich in nourishing Shea Butter,this foot cream with natural soothing ingredients moisturizes and help relieve the feeling of tired feet.These days I have started pampering my skin a lot and this will help me a lot for foot skin rejuvenation.It smells like a toothpaste because of mint.Quantity is good enough and it retails for Rs 450(100gm).

peppermint footcream
Fuschia Peppermint pedicare Nourishing foot cream

3) Soultree Shower gel with wild Amla ,Aloe & Manjishtha - Rich in ayurvedic goodness this aromatic soap free shower gel has fresh extracts of organic Aamla handpicked from Himalayan forests.It tones and refreshens your skin while succulent Aloe soothes and moisturises.The rich roots of Manjishtha organically cultivated in the Western Ghats,rejuvenates your skin and leaves it naturally radiant and protectant. This product is Parabens and SLS/SLES free.I do not know much about these chemicals except that they are harmful for skin.So this is a aromatic skin friendly shower gel and it retails for Rs 250 (200 ml).Amazing smell it it...<3 <3

4) KronoKare Fabulous Fit  Body Lotion Caribbean Ginger : This is a 60 ml sample size body lotion again Paraben & SLS free. Has a citrusy smell and is pleasant to my senses.The bottle of this product appears to me like a homeopathy medicine bottles.Overall this is a okay product.

Soultree Shower gel , KronoKare  Body Lotion

5) Dream Catcher Earring : I like the earring but I expected a pair.Anyways I am not exactly aware of the current trend but it kinda appears weird to me.I am quite liking feather earrings these days and I recently brought a pink feather earrings which I will be showing in my jewelry haul soon.

 September MSM box

Ratings:4.8/5 ( I wish there was atleast one cosmetic)

Overall I would say that I am quite impressed with my first MSM box and I totally suggest it as you get products worth Rs 1290 in Rs 495 only.The only con I found was that I wish it contained atleast one cosmetic product because that would have made this complete.Recommended!

 September MSM box

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