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8 reasons to own a personal Beauty and Lifestyle blog

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These days Makeup and Beauty blogs are growing really popular among girls and ladies and I am really surprised to see the attention my newly created blog has received.All thanks to the lovely products reviewed.In the era of online shopping one really has to search an honest review before investing those precious bugs in any product.I personally do read the product reviews before purchasing any and that really prevents me getting mislead by the tempting advertisements.Though I understand that every person has their own perception towards a product and an entirely different way of judging them still one gets to know the basic attributes of any product.Now you understand how important role beauty blogs play in a women's life <wink:wink> because everyone possess at least one or two cosmetic or beauty goodies.
I'll be sharing few reasons as to why one should have their own beauty blog even though managing and handling them needs some dedication.

reasons to own a personal Beauty and Lifestyle blog


One should widely accept with me that no person in this world can study for 24 hours or remain busy in household jobs all day long or fulfill the office duty always.One does find leisure time and if you have show love for beauty and makeup products then this is a right place you have landed.You must have used that cute 'lippie' you own so many times then why don't let others know what you feel about it.I personally believe that starting your own blog is the best way of passing time.Beauty blog doesn't necessarily contain product reviews.It may include you mother's favorite beauty recipe or if you have that style and confidence then why not share your fashion tips with others.Writing off course relaxes me and when I get bored of my studies then my blog has its door forever open for me.<sigh of relief>

reasons to own a personal Beauty and Lifestyle blog


I deeply agree that writing for reputed blogs certainly earns you money and maybe some fame but doing the same job for oneself definitely gives you freedom and more self satisfaction.I feel that it is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven. There is nobody to set rules for you and it is upto you what to write and what not to write.You get your own personal space and so utilize it the way you feel like.Write quality articles in leisure time at your own pace.

reasons to own a personal Beauty and Lifestyle blog


When you start blogging you start getting audience gradually and a new realm of your own blog creates.You may or may not find friends but for sure will develop good social contacts.If your blog becomes popular then you may start earning fame as well as money.But one needs a lot of dedication and patience for that to happen.

reasons to own a personal Beauty and Lifestyle blog


Having an online presence from Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Instagram is not a big deal but owning a blog is a matter of reputation.You may proudly tell your friends or relatives that you are blogger.Blogging can be started as a hobby and later can be changed as a full time job if you really possess that professionalism in that field.

reasons to own a personal Beauty and Lifestyle blog


It is your personal space so you can decorate,design and customize your blog the way you feel like.It is fun to become creative where there is nobody to interrupt you.

reasons to own a personal Beauty and Lifestyle blog


When you will start writing beauty/lifestyle articles you will for sure start paying attention to your personality too.If you will suggest some tip or remedy then you will off course follow it personally too.Presentation skills will drastically improve and you will start working towards perfection.Your blog is a platform that conveys your feeling and message so it represents you.Learn to revise and edit your posts before publishing them as your blog should be flawless.

reasons to own a personal Beauty and Lifestyle blog


Writing blogs,reading posts will certainly revamp your language skills and vocabulary too.So if you are a student then a plus point otherwise there is no age to learn anything new.After you start interacting with others you will become smarter and more refined.


If you have a keen interest in beauty/lifestyle then this is a golden opportunity for you to explore this field even more.There is a possibility that you might get addicted.If you are a student or a job seeker then make sure that this addiction doesn't impediment your career ahead if you are a part time blogger.Set time and duration for blogging so that all other tasks can be carried out smoothly.

I hope that this article proves useful for you all.Please do comment and share your views about it.

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