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Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact

The scorching May Sun has already 'devastated' the skin of oil beauties like me.I know the term 'devastated' sounds too exaggerating but I know many girls will certainly agree with me.Right girls?
The moment you step out of your house no matter what makeup you apply all of it certainly washes away with sweat and oil.No matter how much make-up free you want to live but in summers you will certainly need coverage to control oil to prevent looking like a 'Deep fried Parantha'.For this reason I thought of purchasing myself a budget friendly but a good compact.Read on further to no how it worked for me.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact

What company says-

Infused with SPF 23 & Vitamin B3, Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact forms a protective layer over the skin to keep away UVA & UVB rays.
  • SPF 23/ UVA/ UVB
  • Vitamin B3
  • Brightening Pearls
  • Oil free
  • Light Weight
  • Suitable for everyday use

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact

It comes in 6 shades which would suit almost all skin types in India.I have the shade 03-Golden Medium.I found this shade chart while I was surfing for it online.To be frank I find it difficult to decide the shade from this chart unless I test the shade on my skin.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact

Price- INR 200 

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact


The compact comes with a cardboard outer carton which I discarded after few days.I really like the white plastic case it has with a non definable shape.The shape is like a elongated round shape from one side which fits properly in my hands. Silver Lakme trademark is printed in the center.Attached mirror is of great importance for touch ups and thank god it comes with it.The case shuts properly so I always carry it in my purse.I really need to reapply as I tend to get very oily especially in summers.It has a pretty nice puff which is better than the one provided in 9 to 5 compact range.The puff has again Lakme Mark inscribed.I won't say it is a very good puff but scores much better than other puffs.You may need to wash the puff regularly since the soft cottony bristles may settle down as it happened with me.I thought for a while that Lakme provides such cheap puffs but when I washed ,it regained its natural softness.
Washing tip-Dip it in a diluted shampoo solution and mildly rub it unless it becomes clean.Leave it to dry.One must wash the puffs regularly to prevent pimples and acne's since they contain sweat and oil of your face so that may irritate your skin.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact

Shade and texture-
I have a wheatish to medium complexion and it suits my skin perfectly without leaving me like a white washed wall.It blends nicely providing a smooth matte finish.Even if I apply layers it doesn't appears heavy on my skin so I find it suitable for daily wear .It gives no to very less coverage and hides very light flaws.This might not be suitable for people demanding coverage.

Staying power-

It has a okay-okay staying power and you will need to reapply after 2-3 hours.This actually depends on your skin type.I have a oily skin so I need more retouching.Nevertheless I am comfortable wearing it as it makes me less oily.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact
After blending powder
Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact

My Rating- 4.5/5

Overall I would say that inspite of my oily and acne prone skin it has suited me. It might not suit in the starting but after 2-3 times your skin will adapt to it and will cause no breakouts. Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact  is a good pocket friendly daily wear compact so I Recommend it!

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Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact


  1. seems like a good product,definitely want to give it a try,nicely reviewed :)

  2. And at the worst end of the spectrum are the products that contain mercury, steroids, or hydroquinone. As you can see, avoiding these chemicals in any product you are considering should be your priority in order to protect your health.whitening cream for asians


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