Monday, May 4, 2015

Elle 18 Colour Boost Lipstick - Primrose Blush

The first impression that comes in my mind after reading the word 'primrose blush' is that it must be a very pretty pink rosy kind of a shade and yes Bingo ! It was a correct assumption .Read on further to know how well this lipstick scores.

I have already introduced the packaging features in my previous review of shade Miss Pink.I will not repeat those lines otherwise my blog posts will appear hackneyed.So you read Miss Pink ReviewSuperlicious Red if you want to check the details of Elle 18 colour boost lipsticks.You may check the swatches of other shades here.

Price- INR 150

The texture and shade of Primrose Blush-

The shade has a soft and creamy surface which glides on my lips.I love the creamy base because it is moisturizing so it eliminates the need of lip balm but it a has drawback at the same time i.e. the lipstick becomes highly transferable.I fear the lipstick doesn't melts in the month of June because of its buttery texture.
Has a glossy finish with no shimmers present.I can't even call it semi matte since it has a nice shine.So this feature is in interest of glossy look lovers.With a very good pigmentation the shade is build-able too.I personally use single swipes but multiple swipes look intense.Very mildly fragranced which dissapears on application but  I like the smell.

clicked in direct sunlight

The toughest part comes when I have to describe the shade.Each time I look at it and so many colours come in my mind and I keep pondering what exactly the shade is.It is a warm toned rose pink (scratching my head :p ) .I feel such shades will suit Indian complexions truly.No doubt it is definitely a young and a vibrant shade .It slightly settle in fine lines and accumulates on my lips 
after sometime so this is a negative point.It just rubs off like anything.

(It was very difficult to bring the exact colours of the shade,the toughest of all shades I have ever captured so I have clicked two photographs so you can consider this shade as a mixture of both.Sorry!)

The staying power is like 2-3 hours (varies with how much you speak or smack lips)) and it doesn't survive meals.Starts fading and re application is required. Sometimes it fades unevenly so keep checking it at intervals.Smudges off course!! If you apply the lipstick in a proper way using a lipliner and set it using a powder it might stay better.

My Rating - 3/5

Overall I would say that Elle 18 brings affordable student range so all the negative points get cancelled.We really cannot overlook the price we pay for so I personally feel it is pretty rose pink shade for girls who are new to makeup or prefer budget friendly products.It can surely be tried as a daily wear/occasional shade.Kind of Recommended just for the shade and price!!


  1. I am in love with this shade!!

    1. Same here Mawi.This is the current shade I am using these days. :)

  2. Love the shade. Nice color.

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