Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An Easy Way To Mend Broken Compact,Eyeshadow,Blush etc..

Hiee everyone..,

Recently I dropped my new Colorbar compact and it shattered into small pieces which was so heart breaking even though that compact was not much of my liking.I searched for the right way through various sources and found that magical ingredient existed in my house itself.The compact worked perfectly well like before so to know how I did this magic please keep on reading.

how to mend broken compact,eyeshadow,blush

Things you need:

1) Broken Compact <burst in laughter>
2) Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol aka Clinical Spirit which is very 'Easily' available in medical stores
3) Some tissue papers
4) Knife
5) Mortar and Pestle
6) Toothpick

how to mend broken compact


1)Grind the broken compact finely using a mortar and pestle.

2)Add the grinded mixture back to compact pan.

3)Add alcohol slowly and keep stirring using a toothpick.It takes time for both of them to mix together so please be patient and keep mixing.Donot add a lot of alcohol because this not a dough preparation where you can add more flour later in case of excess water therefore be careful.

4)When a thick consistency is achieved , use a knife to flatten the surface.

5)Dab some tissues to soak the wetness and press them firmly all over the area.Repeat this 4-5 times or as you wish.You might even skip this part if you are not in a hurry to set your compact.

6)Leave the compact with the lid open and let it dry in air.For faster results you may leave it in sunlight as I did and this will fasten the drying process.If it is quite sunny then the compact will dry in few hours.

7)The compact is as good as new without any alteration in formula,texture or shade and 100 percent safe to use.


Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol is an antibacterial solution which is always found in my house because of some medical purpose.It is used in hand sanitizer that is why it is known as rubbing alcohol.Above process will also help disinfect your compact and since it is antibacterial it hasn't caused me any allergy or acne.Also rubbing alcohol is not expensive.

I hope so you find this article useful and do let me know if this works for you.Also share your views regarding this process in the comments section below.Do follow me on all my social media's to keep updated of all the articles.Thanks for reading..Take Care...
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