Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Use Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream the other way !

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Oiling our hair is such an essential part something which we cannot afford to miss.Even if I am lazy to provide my hair that nourishment regularly still I cannot compromise it with any chemical laden products.I personally do not like the idea of oil in cream still something intrigued me to try it.If you want to know how it worked for me then keep on reading.

Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream

Price:Rs 100 for 200 g , (also available in two smaller sizes)

Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream
Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream

Firstly I would like to say that why non stickiness is the focus of brands,I personally have no problems with sticky oils because they well moisturize my dry hair than any non-sticky oil.Secondly I cannot use it as an oil on my scalp because I am very skeptic about the chemicals.Instead I used it as a hair mask and could feel the difference after washing.My hair becomes soft and kind off nourished after using it.I would not say that it is the perfect hair mask but at this price it does its job well.On application it gets instantly absorbed without any fuss and feels absolutely light weight and non sticky so you can leave it overnight without worrying your pillows getting dirty.For long hair you need a good quantity because it doesn't spreads well because of quick absorption.If you want to experiment with this product then you can try the smaller pack first.The tube I got has some issues with the cap as it doesn't shuts properly.It might be a defective piece or in general otherwise.

My ratings: 4.2/5

Overall I would say that Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream is a good affordable everyday hair mask which softens my hair well.I recommend using this as a Hair Mask.Do try it.

Do share your views regarding Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream if you have tried this.Do share any other affordable hair mask if you have tried.I would love to read your comments.Thanks for reading and do follow me on all my social media's to keep updated.Take Care.

Garnier Fructis Oil In Cream

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