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Forest Essentials Body Mist : Rose & Cardamom Review

Forest Essentials Body Mist Rose & Cardamom Review
Forest Essentials Body Mist ; Rose & Cardamom 

Forest Essentials Body Mist : Rose & Cardamom Review
Forest Essentials Body Mist : Rose & Cardamom Review

Fragrances are my favorite thing to feel special especially the natural ones.Forest Essentials being one of my favorite skin care brands I picked two body mists from the range.The other one being Mysore Sandalwood and Vetiver which I would review soon.Nargis Body Mist has already been talked about on blog in Nargis box which I bought almost an year before.

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Coming to scents I particularly love Rose,Sandalwood and White Florals.I am always in search for a perfect scent with this combination but I am yet to discover.Maybe I will have to get it customized some time later.

Forest Essential Body Mists comes in a regular packaging like its other products.A cuboidal transparent plastic bottle which is quite sturdy.The dispenser spritz fine and decent amount of mist.The mist has a cooling effect on skin due to presence of alcohol(natural extracts) and aloe vera.

100 ml is priced at INR 1125 which I find decent because natural essence is expensive.The body mist has a combination of rose and cardamom.Sometimes I feel cardamom overpowering rose but rose is the main note.After few hours rose notes are distinct.I am not a fan of cardamom notes in it but they break the monotony of rose.Also it doesn't feels like incense stick which is a pros.

The fragrance feels and smells very fresh and uplifts senses.It is not overpowering or strong and settles down beautifully.It stays for 4-5 hours and sometimes even more than that if layered with rose lotion/cream which actually indicates good performance compared to other body mists.

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I love wearing this in day time or before I sleep.I occasionally wear fragrance before I sleep just to freshen up a bit.I receive many compliments whenever I wear this especially from rose lovers.If you are one of them then check this out in stores.I always recommend trying a fragrance in person before a blind purchase.Because fragrance choice is subjective.

My Ratings: 4.8/5

Overall I feels that Forest Essentials Body Mist in Rose & Cardamom is good quality body mist to try made out of natural ingredients.It smells amazing and combination of cardamom with rose gives it a unique twist.The staying power is good and performs better than what body mist is expected to.Recommended.

Do you love rose fragrance? Share your views about this body mist in the comments section below.Also make sure you follow me on all my social media's to stay updated.Thanks for reading and take care..
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