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Gravitale Anti Oxidant Rich Moisturizer Review

Gravitale Anti Oxidant Rich Moisturizer Review
Gravitale Anti Oxidant Rich Moisturizer Review

Gravitale is an interesting brand as it brings something new to the table.GRAPES! It has key ingredient as grape.Juice is extracted directly which is highly concentrated in polyphenolic antioxidants. Gravitale grow grapes specifically and exclusively for skincare at their high altitude vineyards in the Nilgiris.

This entire beauty therapy is called Vinotherapy which originated in France.It basically involves use of leftovers of the grape wine-making in skincare treatments.

Grapes are rich in Antioxidants that neutralize free radicals thereby reducing visible signs of ageing, Alpha hydroxy acids which help in reducing dark spots and skin complexion, Vitamin C which is a natural astringent and helps to tighten and brighten skin and Phytonutrients which combats UV damage.Apart from it jojoba oil is also in the formulation.

The product is 95% natural and 100% free of sulfates, parabens, soap, petroleum derivatives, artificial fragrances, and animal origin ingredients.

Gravitale Anti Oxidant Rich Moisturizer Review
Gravitale Anti Oxidant Rich Moisturizer Review

Price- Rs 799 for 50 gm
Buy- Purplle

It comes in a regular white tube packaging with purple graphics.The moisturizer is creamy white in colour which is light weight, moisturizing and non greasy in texture.I was sceptic to try the product because it appeared creamy and I have an oily skin but it works well with my skin type.I have used this product this entire winter and is best suited for my skin types in cold climate.

Gravitale moisturizer keeps my skin soft, hydrated in winters but I am not sure for very dry skin types.It absorbs nicely into the skin without much effort.It has a rich texture but I have never seen it turning my face oily or sweaty.I have enjoyed using it and would continue it in coming winter season also.

I haven't seen any drastic change in my skin texture. Since I do not  have any signs of ageing I can't comment on that part.It keeps the skin supple in harsh winters and did not break me out which is a win-win for me.

My Ratings- 4/5

Gravitale Anti Oxidant Rich Moisturizer is a very nice light weight, non greasy moisturizer which keeps skin soft, supple and moisturized.I recommend this product for dry to normal skin people in summers while very oily skin people can use it in winters.

Comment your favorite moisturizer below.What do you think of this grape rich moisturizer.Share your views below.

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