Saturday, September 5, 2015

My current favourite affordable lip balms....

Hiee everyone...,

This is a combined post where I would be doing a mini review of each of my favourite lip balms.Lip balms are my must have and lip balms are the only thing I donot forget to carry wherever I go.So lets start with the review.

1 & 2 -Elle 18 Juicy lip balm in peach and mauve : I have just finished my peach one and mauve is about to.These lip balms retail for Rs 150 and are so creamy and moisturizing.I just love these balms the most amongst all and I will certainly re stock them once I am finished with all of these.The effect is also long lasting unlike my other balms and provides a light tint & glossiness on lips.The tube has a good quantity and will really last long for months.I highly recommend these one.These are also available in other variants.Check Elle 18 for more details.


3-Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal-130 crystal kiss:These balms have some fine shimmers in it and this one has a transparent shade.I am not a very big fan of this particular balm as it is not very moisturizing but it adds a nice shine to lips.This one is not available in India and I am not too sure about the pricing.


4-Maybelline Baby Lips in Electro pop- Berry Bomb :This is again my second favourite and I use this mostly outdoors because of a nice natural tint it provides.As of nourishment it is just average but overall it the only baby lips range I like.I again highly recommend this range and it retails for around Rs 165.It is available in 3 other variants.A must try...:)


5-Nivea Fruity Shine- Pink Guava :This is my first lip balm from nivea and I am just loving these balms.This one has a nice peachish colour with some shimmers.The moisturizing effect is not long lasting so I need frequent re-application.Overall it is good one to try.This range retails for Rs 135.Check Nivea for more details.


6-Nivea Fruity Shine -Peach: At first I thought that these will be coloured like the other variants from this range but this is colourless balm.The only thing I like about this is a strong heavenly fruity smell.I am an addict of fruity smells and I cannot resist my temptations while applying this balm.I just feel like eating this up. :p If you are fond of fruity smells then do try this.


7-Nivea Fruity Shine- PomegranateI like this lip balm for the only reason that it provides a very beautiful red colour to my lips.I just love the tint.If you are into coloured lip balms then please do try this.This one is the most pigmented balm amongst all of these I have mentioned.The moisturizing properties are similar to those of other Nivea fruity Shine range.Just Average.


I hope so you liked my compilation of my current favourite lip balms.Do comment your favourite lip balms in the comment section below.
Take care :)
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