Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Skincare and Makeup haul....

Hieeee prettieess...

These days I am quite busy so I find less time for writing individual posts but no matter how busy I am I never get tired of shopping....The shopping mania is a new deadly virus (for pockets) which is highly contagious and gets transmitted easily while you watch other bloggers do Haul posts...Do raise a comment if you agree with me.No matter how much I explain myself that enough is enough their is something inside me which impels me to get something or the other.I am seriously suffering from the shopping mania.Anyways lets get started with what all I have shopped in the recent couple of weeks.These days I am inclining towards skin care because I do not use makeup on daily basis so there is no point just stashing them.To be honest I am a lazy person and I donot even take good care of my skin but due to erratic breakouts and other skin problems I am left with no option other than to pamper myself.This is a problem faced by many girls like me who are not blessed with a naturally good skin but nonetheless we can make it better.

I have purchased this affordable base makeup which are quite popular in their domains.I am trying them these days and will do a review soon. Colorbar Radiant White UV Fairness Compact is in the shade '004-just beige' and Maybelline BB cream in shade 'Nude'.

I wanted to try a 'gulaab jal' from a different brand and this one is from 'Mitti Se' and I bought it from a local crafts shop near my house.I am yet to try this.

I have recently joined Oriflame as a consultant strictly for self use so I shopped a little from Oriflame.As I am seriously having a problem of dry and damaged hairs I bought this seeing its claim and it worked no wonder.The hot oil treatment sounds fancy and I am looking forward to try this soon.

Oriflame Rock Angel Perfume

The problem of premature ageing is becoming so common in youngsters maybe due to bad lifestyle reasons and my under eye ageing fine lines have started appearing and are becoming prominent day by day so I wanted something to reverse them.I am trying this cream these days and I wish it works.A review of this cream will be up after a month of using it.

royal velvet eye cream
Royal Velvet Firming Eye Contour Cream

Oriflame talc are nice and affordable and have amazing fragrance.

I have already put a post on Lakme Absolute lip pouts in shade Victorian Rose and Tangerine Touch,
Check the post here.

I ordered this Avon skin softner while I was searching for an affordable hand cream.I am using it these days and is a good try.My next review is about these products.

avon little black dress

The Pediglow Foot care kit was on my wishlist since ages and as I saw a discount online I just grabbed this kit.I have used this twice and I am loving it.This is also in the reviewing waiting list.

Vlcc PEDIGLOW foot care kit

I bought 4 face masks and they are just lying around somewhere so I could only photograph 2 of them. Lakme face scrub for oily skin is also a good try.

Highlighters are quite in vogue these days but the highlighter bricks from Revlon and Bobbi Brown are too expensive and as I will rarely use them so no point buying them.I heard a lot about Sivanna shimmer bricks and are quite affordable also.I bought them for Rs 325 from Flipkart.

Sivanna shimmer bricks
Sivanna Shimmer Bricks

 That's all folks!! Do let me know how you liked this shopping and I would love to do a review on your demand.Please do not forget to follow me on social media to show your support and love.
Take Care !

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