Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Products I Used The Most This September & Their Mini Reviews...

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Today I am sharing a mini post dedicated to all the products which I have used the most this September.These days I am not using cosmetics except my eyeliners so most of the products belong to the skin care genre.I would also be doing a mini review on them so please keep reading.

1)Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop-Berry Bomb ( Rs 165)

I have already mentioned this baby in my post 'My favorite affordable lip balms' which you may read here.This balm offers a beaauu-tii--full nice tint to my lips and moisturizes them instantly.I am loving this balm to bits and I recommend this...

2)Lotus UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 (100gm for Rs 395)

I am a brand loyalists of Lotus Herbals when sunscreens are in question.I donot play with different brands in the matters of suncreens since I am highly obsessed with Lotus sunscreens...this particular variant is in a gel form which gets quickly absorbed into my skin and I actually use it as a primer also.It does mattifies my skin except in exceptionally hot days so a multi purpose product for me.On daily basis I just apply this Matte Gel and just dust some powder on my face to control oiliness and I
am all ready.I recommend this and  is one of the best suncreens for oily skins.

3)Lakme Absolute Bi Phased Make Remover (60 ml for Rs 250)

Well this product is about to get finished not because I am loving it but just because I have to finish this.It works well but nothing exceptionally for which I should repurchase this.The reason I bought this was to remove my Waterproof Mascara and it did not perform well there but not even bad.I am not repurchasing this and I will stick to my good old baby oil for removing makeup because nothing works better than oils.

4)Malawara Lime Vetiver Body Lotion

I received this product in my April Fab bag and I am hooked on this particular product.This is a must have for me especially in summers.It is a water based lotion which doesn't cause any stickiness or heaviness and hydrates my skin nicely.The citrusy fragrance lingers for sometime which freshens me up instantly.If the product is available online than I am certainly getting the full product next summer for I have tonnes of lotions and moisturizes lined up for winters.But since I could not find its availability online so I use it miserly..:p
Check my April Fab Bag here.

5)Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon and Pumpkin Fragrance Mists (88 ml for Rs 934 in India)

This particular product I have already mentioned in my Bath & Body Works haul..This mist has a soft fragrance which is not overpowering and it smells great.Describing the fragrance is the most difficult job so I am sorry for that but it smells nice.Actually I do not like Pumpkins much so I would never want my Body Mist to be labelled something as that of pumpkins but trust me it smells soft and nice.
Check Bath & Body Works Haul here.

6)Parachute Advanced Body Lotion Coconut Milk (250 ml for Rs 132)

As I mentioned above that I use my Malawara Body Lotion miserly as it is a sample pack and it is no where available online so I have to save it.This is the very reason that other lotion is added to the list.This lotion is again water based and is not sticky or heavy and it instantly hydrates my skin.I personally love light hydrating lotions and not heavy types atleast for summers.The lotion has a lingering fragrance and is very affordable also.I again highly recommend this.

So here was the list of all the products I enjoyed using this season.Please do share your views about these products in the comments section below and let me know your favorite product of the season.Do follow me on my social media's for you love and support till then Take Care.

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