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All Good Scents Love & Joy EDP Review

All Good Scents Love & Joy EDP Review
All Good Scents Love & Joy EDP Review
All Good Scents Love & Joy EDP Review
All Good Scents Love & Joy EDP Review

All Good Scents is an Indian online perfume house and Rajiv Sheth is the creative mind behind this venture who is an expert in perfumery. It is an honor to see an Indian perfume brand because the very word 'perfume' clicks just two things in my mind.First Arab and second France.Now proudly we can say that we have a good quality perfume manufacturer in our own country. 

Since a long time I wanted to try something from this brand and few months back I got this Love & Joy EDP from .There were so many options to choose from but the notes of magnolia and lily of the valley were the reasons I was drawn towards this one.(I am a white floral fragrance addict).

Price:30 ml for Rs 750 and 75 ml for Rs 1500
Visit website here.

What company saysIndulge yourself in a quaint symphony of flowers. Sophisticated, seductive and free-spirited, celebrate ‘YOU’ with this floral fragrance.Love & Joy- Celebrate being both elegant and daring at the same time.

All Good Scents Love & Joy EDP
All Good Scents Love & Joy EDP notes

As the yellow packaging with butterflies on it remind me of spring summer time , the juice enclosed within replicates its freshness. It is not an aqua kind of freshness but a smooth blend of fruit and floral tones.Honestly I am just new to fragrance so I do not have a sharp nose but I can feel the harmony of different notes.

The first note is fresh and fruity and gradually some floral notes come to the top.For me the fruity notes slightly overpower the floral notes so it doesn't appear very floral-y. The fragrance is cheerful and young reminding  me of sunny days with some floral freshness around.If I were to describe a girl with this character then it has to be a happy, optimistic young lady with a childlike heart who enjoys freedom.

For the first time I sniffed it I wasn't quite sure if I would like it or not but there was something different about it and I use it quite regularly. And since summer time is back this would be a frequent traveler with me.30 ml bottle is good enough to fit in my purse but the look of bottle could have been more better.

Coming to the longevity it stays for around 2-3 hours on my skin properly and on clothes it would adhere a lot more better. Projection is okay and people around you can surely notice your scent but is not something that would make heads turn.I like subtle perfumes and not loud so this one is perfect for that.

I keep testing a lot of perfumes in shops and otherwise and it is a very different kind of fragrance.Somebody from 16-35 age group can try it as it is not a very mature smell.I personally prefer young feminine scents.

My ratings: 4.3/5

Overall I would say that All Good Scents Love & Joy EDP is a happy young different fragrance to try.It smells like a fresh summer sunny day in a bottle.I never recommend a perfume because scent choice is highly subjective.But if you are open to trying different things then you can go for this one.You can always order the samples in a scent box from their website instead of investing in a full size product.

Have you tried any fragrance from All Good Scents.Do check their scent box to sample the perfumes before making a purchase. Do not forget to follow me on all my social media's to stay updated.Thanks for reading and Take Care...
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