Friday, March 24, 2017

How I Stop my Hairfall Quickly and Naturally !

How to Stop Hairful Quickly and Naturally

I get many requests to share my hair care routine and so I have finally decided to do a post relating hair care.This post would not cater my routine but would address even more vital issue which has become very popular these days.Hair fall is something all of us have to face and it hurts each time to see so many hair strands breaking while combing.I am not a hair expert and this is not a medical advise but something that I have been following and things that work for me might also work for you.All these things are totally natural and very affordable.

My hair type-Dry,straight and sometimes partially wavy
Scalp-Extremely greasy

1)Keep hair clean-First of all,if you have an oily scalp like me then the best advise would be to regularly wash your hair and keep your scalp clean and healthy.It sounds trivial but small changes can bring big differences.Trust me,as a kid I used to wash my hair weekly and I wasn't aware of my oily scalp and I had to face plethora of problems like itching and dandruff which sometimes even led to hair fall.But gradually I discovered that my greasy scalp attracts even more dirt which causes hair fall(in my case).If you have a dry to normal scalp clean your hair as per your requirement.For my scalp type I have to wash my tresses every alternate day.

Dry shampoo's are just a temporary solution so just don't rely on them.No doubt they are good for emergency.

2)Lemon works like a blessing to my hair.Just before washing I rub a lemon on my scalp and leave it for 10 minutes.It takes away greasiness and also adds shine to hair.Remember healthy scalp is the way to healthy hair.This also helps me get rid of dandruff for like 2 days.

3)Champi-As I already have a greasy scalp so I rarely apply oil to my hair but twice or thrice in a month I make sure to do a good champi. I won't emphasize much on hair oiling because this is something all of us know.Oiling does makes hair healthy from within so do not avoid it.And do not go for the fancy non greasy hair oil.Try using heavy duty oils and keep it for few hours and then wash it off.

4)Now comes a very important point.During rainy season or due to some other changes when we get unmanageable hair fall then this thing comes to rescue unless it is some serious medical condition.Break open 2 capsules of Vitamin E which is very affordable and is easily available in medical stores.Mix it with your favorite hair oil and warm it up slightly.Now gently massage the oil on your scalp and leave it overnight.I get instant control on hair fall and if problem continues try repeating it again.For me this tip works like a wonder.I highly recommend it and hope so it works well for you too.

5)Try to use herbal shampoo's available in powder form if the liquid shampoo's do not suit you as they are full of chemicals.Powdered shampoo's are affordable and safe.There are many brands coming up with such products.

6)This tip is something very common but try taking a hair spa at home.I won't recommend those expensive parlor spa's because I believe that to look beautiful we have everything available in our kitchen.Try using some diy recipes which I will share in some future post.

7)Eat healthy and think good.Lot of stress is also a reason for hair fall these days.Try to calm your mind and relax yourself.Indulge in physical activity and go for a morning/evening walk.And drink lots of water.

Do try the tips and share below if you find them useful.If tip number 4 works well for you do share after trying that as it helps me stay motivated for my blog.Thanks for reading and take care...

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