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Mitti Se Conditioning Shampoo and Wild Essence Face Wash Review

Mitti Se Conditioning Shampoo and Wild Essence Face Wash
Mitti Se Conditioning Shampoo and Wild Essence Face Wash

'Mitti Se' is a natural Skin/Hair care brand which comes direct from nature and is free from harmful chemicals and toxins.The products are manufactured in Lucknow, my hometown which makes me even more inclined towards trying this brand.The products are easily available online or if you live in Lucknow then you can purchase them from Sanatkada, Kaiserbagh. The best thing I like about the brand is the simplicity of the products with affordable price tag which I guess anyone can try without spending tonnes.Also the products are given in a recylable newspaper bag which looks so creative.

I recently purchased some of their products like Rose Water,Eye Drop,Shampoo and a Face Wash.So today I would be sharing my genuine views on the shampoo and face wash after finishing them.

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Conditioning Shampoo:Price-Rs 175 for 200ml 

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Gooseberry (Amla), Fenugreek (Methi), Nut Grass, Soap Berries (Reetha), Shikakai, Natural surfactant and infused with Grapefruit essence. 

If you know the shampoo's in liquid form do require preservatives in order to prevent bacterial growth and some preservatives are not so good for our health.Also chemical shampoo's damage our hair in long run therefore I most of the time prefer using natural ingredient based products. Mitte Se conditioning shampoo comes in a powdered form which is 3/4th filled and one is supposed to fill it with water up to the level 1 as indicated and shake well which forms 200ml of the product.The mixture is good to use within 1-2 months.I finished it even more quickly because my mausi was also using it and she also quite liked it. The product lathers decently but not like the regular shampoo's. Initially it would be a little bit difficult to wash hair but it cleanses scalp well.Once my hair is dry they feel nice and soft.I did not have high expectations from it for shine and stuff but overall it works pretty well.I am 100% repurchasing it as it will not damage my hair at any cost and the price tag is also in budget.

Wild Essence Face Wash:Price-Rs 190 for 40gm

Ingredients: Almond, Lemon peel, Neem, Black & Red gram, Rose, Fuller's earth (Multani Mitti) and Turmeric, Alum and Essential Oil of Geranium Suitable for all skin types

Claims:Anti Acne;Anti Suntan

Face wash also comes in a powdered form and each time I take out a little bit quantity and mix water to form a paste and clean my face.The bottle has perfect dispersal system which just allows a little bit quantity to come out which is a good thing.It prevents spilling of the product.Face wash is gentle and non lathering but takes away all the oiliness due to the presence of multani mitti. Neem and alum in it gives it mild antiseptic properties. I personal believe that a face wash can only prevent acne that to a certain extent but can't cure them.The very mild scrubbing action is perfect for daily use but I certainly cannot replace it with my scrub.It easily washes off from my skin without clinging to it and makes my skin soft and smooth after use.It won't be that effective in removing makeup but every morning this is the first thing I use these days.

My Ratings : 5/5

Overall I recommend trying both of these products as they are pure and free from harmful chemicals and toxins.They perform their job well and are extremely affordable. 'Mitti Se'  has a good range of products and they should be given a try.

Have you tried this brand.Do share your views in the comments section below.
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